Marvel is hiring real lawyers to help write Daredevil: Born Again

Marvel Studios wants three lawyers as writers of the series Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil: Born Again will feature real lawyers to help make Matt Murdock can stand out in court. Charlie Cox He has already commented that he expects to see “a strong influence of the court stuff” in the program for Disney+and apparently Marvel Studios is serious about telling the story daredevil in the best way.

The cosmic circus ensures it Marvel has hired David Feige, Thomas Wong and Zachary Reiter to help with writing Daredevil: Born Again. In addition to being authors, all three have experience as lawyers.

Daredevil - Daredevil: Born Again - UCM - Charlie Cox

Who are the three new writers for Daredevil: Born Again?

David Feige was a public defender in New York City and was assigned to write some series related to the law. He was the co-creator of the legal drama show win the lawsuitand was executive producer and writer of For Life: Cadena perpetuashow centered on a prisoner who becomes a lawyer to overturn his own life sentence.

Thomas Wong has a long history in the legal system throughout his career as a lawyer, working in New York. He has also sold real estate in Manhattan. In addition to his credits in Minority Report y Good Troublewrote for the program Bullwith a focus on lawyers and the main role Michael Weatherly.

Zachary Reiter is a former Queens prosecutor and has homicide investigation experience from his time as an assistant district attorney. In the world of entertainment, he has credits Law and Order: Organized Crime With CSI: New York; also worked on The cover with David Feige and Lukas Reiter.

Having writers with so much legal experience will go a long way in telling the story of Daredevil in the most interesting way possible and ensure that we get to see a lot of Matt Murdock in court and that this part of the character is treated properly .

Daredevil: Born Again will premiere on Disney+ in spring 2024.

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