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Lisa Loring, the first actress to play the role of Wednesday Addams in the 1964 series, has died

Lisa Loring set the tone to follow with the character Wednesday (Merlina), which is now in the hands of Jenna Ortega

Lisa Loring has passed away at the age of 64 due to a complication of a stroke caused by high blood pressure, as his daughter Vanessa Foumberg elaborated to The Hollywood Reporter. whatever it was the first actress to play Young Wednesday in The Addams Familyand which marked the tendency to continue with the character, died last Saturday evening at Providence St. Joseph medical center in the city Burbank (California).

Lorin had in his hands the paper for two years since the series began airing on the ABC channel in 1964. He also played it in a movie years later when a TV special was made 1977 with the title ‘Halloween with the new Addams Family‘.

Jenna Ortega’s tribute to Lisa Loring in the Wednesday series

From Lorin passing through Christina Ricci and completed by the young Ortega. The latter wanted to pay a special tribute to the actress in her already viral dance that has become popular thanks to social networks. Ortega wanted to permeate the Wednesday dance, and connect with Lorin’s character, using the essence of the girl who dances in the series. That character had a peculiar way of dancing that made her popular and served as an inspiration for Ortega.

This is how he told it in a recent interview in the program ‘The Tonight Show‘ on American television. The actress acknowledged that Tim Burton gave her carte blanche to prepare the dance choreography to the rhythm of the song ‘Goo Goo Muck’.

“I paid homage to Lisa, the first Wednesday Addams. I did a little of the shuffle she does. Of course they cut off when I did it, but boy is it there! I know it!”

Source TMZ

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