Daredevil - Born Again - Kingpin - UCM

Leaked images suggest that Born Again may reboot the Kingpin’s origins

The character Vicent D’Onofrio would have a new origin that was different from the one shown in the Netflix series about Daredevil

Murdock’s MCU reboot further explores Wilson Fisk’s childhood

New photos of the film set of ‘Daredevil‘. Yes, one more time. And these have become known again through the social network Twitter. But they have not only been shared, well or that too, The tweet clarifies perfectly that among the people appearing in that snapshot is young Fisk.

These snapshots from Murdock’s Marvel Universe Reboot tease flashbacks from Murdock’s childhood Wilson, aka Kingpin. The new batch of leaked images show the antagonist’s childhood in 1970s New York City and suggest a departure from the Kingpin’s flashback origin story in the Netflix series.

Daredevil - Born Again - Kingpin - UCM

Will the young Kingpin of the MCU have a new scene or a new story in the Daredevil series?

Although little is known about the episode, the details revealed in the tweet bear that out Marvel Studios’ plans include flashbacks and explorations of other points in Wilson’s life at an earlier age. Flashbacks could have their own dedicated episode within season of 18 episodes from ‘Born Again’, as mentioned by the Twitter user.

In the original Netflix series, the actor Cole Jensen he played the young Kingpin in an abusive relationship with his father. While it’s unclear if the series will completely change the villain’s background, the images show that we can expect further exploration of his past and the events that shaped him as a person.

One thing is clear. Whether it’s being filmed, a scene that adds to the origin already told, or a flashback to a new origin, the newly released images confirm that this reboot will further explore the origin story of the young Kingpin, and it’s always good for Marvel fans.

We can expect more revelations about the past of one of Marvel’s most iconic villains and the main antagonist of the defender of Hell’s Kitchen.

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The new series discards part of the original cast from Netflix. Ann Woll and Elden Henson will not reprise their roles as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in the new series.

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