Revelación Ladybug Cat Noir miraculous villana

Ladybug and Cat Noir’s new villain revealed, and it’s not Felix

In the double premiere on Mundo Gloob on Friday, December 30 at 19:30 (Brazilian time) it was revealed who has all the weapons to become the new rival of Ladybug and Cat Noir in Miraculous. Find out who it is

The chapter revolves around Lila Rossia student at Marinette Dupain-Cheng’s college who has made life miserable for her love for Adrián, but since he confronted her the way he should, the compulsive liar he has focused on other goals.

Through the chapters Lila has discovered that Gabriel Agreste is a monarch. Since we don’t know how, because there are still some previous chapters to be released, since the premiere has been a bit messy, we’ll just settle for the post-credits scene (or rather postcard). from Chapter 18, Emotionsin which it is revealed that Lila is almost certain that he is Monarch.

Revelation Ladybug Cat Noir miraculous villain lila rossi

Throughout the chapter, Lila is rejected of Gabriel in his fashion brand, ridiculing her in front of all of Paris after being the female face of the Alliance Rings.

With that goal in mind, Lila reason a whole story about it to justify his request for power to the monarch. He gives her an enhanced Volpina power to make everyone believe through Alliance rings and other devices what she tells them.

Volpina takes advantage of this to order her assistant, Nathalie, to reveal all of Gabriel’s secrets to her.she saw Photography private documents, his wife under the basement and his twin ring, where half of the madness that gave life to Adrián is probably.

Once the show, which she has orchestrated herself so as not to arouse the Monarch’s suspicions, ends, she sees all the pictures that Nathalie has sent her and tells herself that she will go after Gabriel’s miraculouswhich is that of the butterfly and which he akumatizes the people of Paris thanks to Nooroo’s power, the power of transmission.

From now the last piece of the series begins and we will see since Lila is the key to defeating Gabrielbut also for her to rise as the series’ new villain, unlike Felix, who in episode 19, Pretension, shows that his goal is not to create sentimonsters to annoy, but rather free the existing ones from them which cut their wings with their frenzy.

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