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Kaleidoscope has a bug that followers of the Netflix series have discovered and viralized

The series with Giancarlo Esposito, Kaleidoscope, is a fantastic and innovative visual bet from Netflix

When a series is very successful, the numbers placed in it are multiplied. And as we all know, fans pay attention not only to the most impressive things, but also to mistakes or oversights that occur in the series or movies. Gazapos, racord error or as in this case, which is an error that is not noticed by the viewers of ‘Kaleidoscope‘if you’re not a fan of the group’A direction‘.

I eat? Right now we explain it. The series consists of 8 sectionswhere it is told how an incredible and difficult robbery is planned, and the last episode has been reached where we see the main characters carrying out the robbery that has been taking place for 25 years, which is the time that the series tells.

As we have explained to you on another occasion, the series has the unique property: You can watch the episodes in any order you want. Each section is color coded as a title and they can be shuffled. It is a new proposal from Netflix that is causing a furor. In addition, the series is entertaining, with a perfect invoice and with a wonderful direction of photography and staging.

Kaleidoscope - Netflix

From La Casa de EL we have already advised you to watch the series in two wayss:

  1. In chronological order
  2. Not to miss any details

The date of One Direction tickets is the key to the error

Well, under the section titled ‘Worldwidewe can see judy characterthe band’s explosives specialist, played by the Egyptian-born actor and writer, Rosaline Elbaytries to send a SIM card to the prison where her partner is, Stan. The character is played Peter Mark Kendall.

The point is that you want to achieve this Bribing the guard with tickets to a One Direction boy band concert. So far everything is correct. Each one is sold at the price they want. For those who are not a die-hard fan of this band, the information displayed in the two entries will mean nothing to them, but those fans who are, realized that the date of the registrations was recorded on March 6, 2016.

Not out of the ordinary either. Well, they are tickets to a concert in 2016. What happens is that the date of the concert is after the day the band announced that they were taking a break and that it ended up being a separation. This happened in the year 2015.

And of course, these fans took to social networks to make the moon bunny of the moment series and another Netflix hit go viral,’Kaleidoscope‘.

Source Cosmopolitan

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