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John Stewart’s Green Lantern series for HBO Max is coming out, according to James Gunn

DC Studios has ruled out moving forward with the Green Lantern series project and is changing plans for the character’s future

We are sorry to be the bearers of new bad news for fans of DC comics and DCU. James Gunn, as head of DC Studios, has decided to scrap the series that had been in development since 2019 on Green Lantern.

A new report has revealed that the series, after losing its showrunner, Seth Grahame-Smithand two of the main actors, Jeremy Irvine y Find Wittrockwho interpreted the characters of Alan Scott y Guy Gardner.

Despite the fact that the news spread in August that this production, which aimed to tell the adventures of the Green Lantern Corpsremained fixed and in the calendar for DC Studiosreality, after a series of circumstances, has led to her being discarded by Gunn.

According to a report from DanielRPKa famous film industry reporter, Warner Bros. Discovery y DC Studios They have radically changed their plans, yet again, regarding the series to be released on the platform HBO Max. At this time, and according to this reporter, the reasons for this firing have not been disclosed. They are unknown to this day. There will surely be a tweet from Gunn to semi-clarify what’s happened, or we’ll have to wait until January to find out in more detail what their plans are for this character.

The Green Lantern series suffered a huge budget cut

Another interesting detail that this report points out is that the series would also have seen its original budget of $120 million reduced significantly. When the series was announced, Warner had high hopes for it as it was the highest budget series to date. After the merger of Discovery and Warner Bros. its budget suffered a major cut, which already affected its design.

But Gunn has already announced that he had plans to make a movie about the Green Lantern character. In light of this, the report also describes that Following the cancellation, DC Studios has changed its plans regarding the DC Comics character. We don’t know if it will continue to be John Stewart or if there will be a new approach, if it will finally become a series or if it will jump to the big screen. But what seems certain is that the series will no longer continue its development. We will continue to inform you about this revolution of Gunn’s new DCU.

Source Twitter CBR

A few minutes after the publication of the news James Gunn himself has declined CBR’s comment. He himself responded to the tweet with a single word, Fake. It makes it clear to us in the end The Green Lantern series would see the light. We will keep you updated in case more information is announced or known within the next few hours.

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