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JK Rowling reacts ironically to HBO’s Harry Potter boycott

Fans upset by the reboot of the franchise are organizing a huge boycott of the new Harry Potter series. JK Rowling is not worried about the possible consequences

The magical world of Harry Potter is about to return to our screens, but this time in the format of a TV series. HBO Max recently announced that it works in the franchise reboot of this wonderful fantasy universe, what which has caused a lot of excitement and surprisingly quite a bit of division, as well as some speculation among fans.

The reboot of HBO’s Harry Potter series was announced in April, which is expected to cover each of the original seven novels per season. The news claims that the series will be faithful to the plot of the books and the fans welcomed this beginning of the franchise very cautiously at first.

Furthermore, the announcement came after it was announced Brontë film and televisionthe production company behind works and adaptations of Harry PotterI had experienced one 74% drop in profits since March 2021.

This fact could partly explain the reason behind the reboot of the franchise, as it could be a way to increase interest and profit on the series’ intellectual property.

Similarly, those who were fans and others who were not so much, who felt deeply offended by the author’s words, have resurfaced to remind her of her principles and ideals regarding the transgender. The author of the saga, JK Rowling, has responded to the news with a wry observation about these activists’ attempts to boycott the TV show.

As the author has shown on his personal Twitter, the situation, far from making her feel worried, has triggered a nice irony in her that he has incorporated in a tweet that says the following.


“Terrible news that I feel compelled to share. Activists in my mentions are trying to organize another boycott of my work, this time of the Harry Potter TV show. Better safe than sorry, so I’ve taken the precaution of filling up with a large amount of champagne.”

Why do some fans want to boycott HBO’s Harry Potter TV show?

In the last few years, the author of Harry PotterRowling has been criticized by many of her fans for her transphobic comments. He maintains a purposeful opposition to the transgender. Despite his work having had a huge positive impact on popular culture and being loved by millions around the world, the author’s statements have been perceived as divisive, exclusive and offensive by many.

During the month of March, JK Rowling publicly mentioned that she was concerned for his safety after being outspoken about her position anti-transgender.

Some of his followers and die-hard fans felt let down by Rowling’s views and have expressed their displeasure on social mediaWhich one has led to a wave of boycotts to his works.

Despite the criticism, the author has maintained her position and vehemently defended her views, creating even more controversy surrounding her person and her literary legacy.

Source Twitter

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