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James Gunn defends his wife against fan criticism. the family does not touch

They are trying to make life a little more bitter for James Gunn. DC Studios boss responds to criticism of his wife’s involvement in the DCU

James Gunnmanaging director of DC Studioshas had to deal with criticism for having his wife, the actress Jennifer Holland, in some of his DC Universe projects. Now the fans have seen fit to claim that the director has included Holland in some projects, both the directorial and those in which he has had nothing to do.

Gunn, who has been in a relationship with Holland since 2015, explained that only in ‘The Suicide Squad‘ have counted on her so far.

James Gunn clarifies his wife’s involvement in DCU projects

Many fans expressed their anger at seeing Gunn’s own characters from ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Peacemaker’ continue, while others, such as Superman by Henry Cavill, is abandoned. Some have argued that this shows some degree of bias on the part of the DC Studios boss, as he has favorites in the reboot. And they all point to his wife.

Gunn has explained that he has only had his wife on one occasion and that he has had nothing to do with the cast of any other film or series. In addition, he has added that some critics must find reasons to hate, suggesting that the criticism of his wife is unfounded and unreasonable.

It should be remembered that Cavill’s Superman was dropped simply because the actor didn’t fit Gunn’s vision of the character, there’s nothing personal about it.


“The only DC movie I’ve had my wife in was #TheSuicideSquad. I had nothing to do with the casting of any other movie – everything else was shot a year or so ago while I was deep in ‘ Vol 3’. But I know some of you badly need reasons to hate.”

Jennifer Holland returns in James Gunn’s DCU reboot

On the other hand, Holland will return to interpret Emilia Harcourt in the new DCU that Gunn is preparing. Although many fans have expressed their displeasure with the selection of certain characters and the exclusion of others, the director defends that he was hired precisely to develop his vision of the DC Universe and the characters it explores. If they gave it to him, that would be a reason.

As for the timing and location of Holland’s next appearance in the DCU, we can only speculate at this point as to his role in the future. Some suggest that his return may come on HBO Max’s ‘Waller’, while others believe it may be at a completely unexpected time.

James Gunn - Jennifer Holland - DCU

It is important to note that Jennifer has worked hard to get to where she is today in her career. She has appeared in various projects, not just her husband’s. In addition, his role has been very well received by critics and the public. While some may believe that her success is due to her relationship with Gunn, this is neither fair nor accurate.

Holland has proven his talent as an actor and has managed to establish himself as a relevant professional in the industry. Additionally, as Gunn’s partner, it is natural that she has the ability to access a certain role in some of his productions, but that has never been the reason she was hired.

Criticizing and hurting with this makes no sense and says very little about who is doing it.

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