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James Gunn and Peter Safran already know what will happen with Superman & Lois

With all the news related to the DCU, many want to know if Superman & Lois will be canceled or continue to air.

What a way to start February. After much speculation, James Gunn and Peter Safran have finally revealed their plans for the DCU. There is certainly enough content for fans of Superman, Batman and company are pleased because it looks like we’re getting the aftermath batman and the joker, to series based on popular characters such as Booster Gold and the Lanter Group, there will even be a production focusing on Swamp stuff.

But without a doubt, what everyone wants to know is what will happen to the character of Supermanthe star character and the symbol of DC. Since the confirmation that Henry Cavill wouldn’t be him again Iron Manrivers of ink have flown and according to Gunn, the poor Cavill he was fooled by the old Warner dome. For now is the only actor still playing Clark Kent es Tyler Hoechlinin the series Superman and Lois and that in Spain it is broadcast in HBO Max.

Superman & Lois - Superman - Michael Cudlitz - Lex Luthor

Due to the major changes taking place in the audiovisual productions of DCmany wondered if the current star streak of CW would suffer the same fate as other series such as Doom Patrol and the Titans. For the avoidance of doubt Gunn y Saffron they also discussed the future of the series.

Superman & Lois has one or two seasons left

Thanks to Variety, We know the plans of the new leaders DC Studios with the series of Kent family. It seems that Superman and Lois will continue to air for one or two more seasons, according to reports Gunn “It’s a show that everybody likes, so it’s going to go on for a while.” That the series will end in a few seasons could serve to set up a more than worthy finale and end the program with a more than worthy finale.

If we make an estimate, the series Superman & Lois may come to an end in the year 2025, moment when we will be able to see the film starring a new Man of Steel, which would start the new era of DC Studios

Along with this series is the only series related to DC in CW son the lightning, which ends with its ninth season, and Gotham Knight, which will premiere in late 2023 although it doesn’t look like it will last long. This situation is ideal for Gunn y Saffron they can reboot the various characters’ franchises without the pressure of having series or movies that are out of their creative control.

It will undoubtedly be some of the most interesting weeks, because little by little we will discover more details about the new plans for DC Studios. And if you want to be aware of everything that will happen with the DC characters, then do not worry, from La Casa de El we will bring you all the news.

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