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Is it necessary to know UCM to enjoy Secret Invasion? Emilia Clarke explains it to us

The next Marvel Studios series, Secret Invasion, will be important to the future of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe already has 32 movies, eight series and two specials, so it has become difficult for many people to keep up with the franchise. Therefore, some fans wonder if it is necessary to watch much of UCM To enjoy secret invasionthe upcoming series from Marvel Studios.

In an interview to Empire magazine, the actress Emilia Clarkewho will give life to Gee in secret invasioncommented that the next series of Marvel It will be important to the future of the MCU, but he clarified that this does not mean that you have to know the stories of other projects in this universe. Below, we share his words about the new Marvel show.

“It’s definitely a fan show, but it’s also a show that my mom, who doesn’t watch Marvel, wants to see and understand, you know what I mean? You can sometimes get into dangerous territory with this kind of genre, where if if you haven’t seen the other 17 movies or series, you won’t understand it. It’s not that at all.”

The secret invasion tone

Recently, Don Cheadle, James Rhodes at UCM, commented that Secret Invasion is more like a movie Bourne or a 1970s spy movie than a superhero movie.

“This one feels a lot closer to a movie like The Bourne Identity or something that’s more in the tone of a ’70s movie. It’s not so much about the bells and whistles of big special effects. It’s more about intrigue and drama, espionage and double-crossing, and I still think it’s a perfect fit for what the MCU is capable of doing and achieving.”

The next Marvel series premieres on June 21 in Disney+.

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