How is the video game industry evolving?


We report on the main keys that have led to the extraordinary development of the video game industry

The video game industry is one of the sectors that has seen the fastest growth in the last decade. The figures for the sector could not be more positive, as video games are displacing other leisure alternatives such as cinema and music when it comes to entertaining ourselves in our spare time.

The sector is optimistic about its future and more and more people are joining the world gamer. There are some elements that directly affect the development of this market. But, How is this industry evolving? We see the main keys below.

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This is how the video game industry evolves

According to data from the American magazine specialized in the video game industry, Newzoo, the sector has generated in the year 2022 a figure close to 200,000 million dollars around the world. This shows that the sector is an increasingly important reality in the economic landscape.

In this worldwide development plays a key role dedicated fiber in companies in the sector. We are talking about a fiber with an exclusive and 100% private connection designed for medium and large enterprises, allowing them to develop video games without congestion, with low latency and continuous operation.

In the same way, the development of Microsoft Teams Operator Connect that enables connection between telephone networks with a large number of operators from 33 different countries, both in Europe and in the USA.

The success of the video game sector is also evident in Spain if we look at the turnover figure for the sector. If the video game industry had a turnover of 1,104 million euros in 2020, just two years later, in 2022, turnover has increased to 1,511 million eurosaccording to the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI).

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What new perspectives does this industry face?

The video game industry is facing the high demand for video games among people who use their smartphone or smart phone to play games in their free time. It is estimated that there more than 600 million people around the world playing video games on their smartphoneswhich forces the industry to also adapt to these new forms of consumption, especially since the advent of 5G technology.

Another factor that affects the development of the video game industry is the existence of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which has become one of the priorities of video game developers. Without forgetting the impulse of video games where you can share the experience with others.

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The video game industry is constantly evolving. A development accompanied by unstoppable growth worldwide thanks to the fact that more and more people find in video games an entertaining and fun way to pass the time.


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