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How are the Game of Thrones spin-offs progressing? George RR Martin has bad news

Game of Thrones spinoffs fall victim to cost-cutting at Warner Bros. Discovery

Extreme cost-cutting measures in Warner Bros. Discovery They have arrived in the Game of Thrones universe. George RR Martin revealed on his “Not a Blog” blog that “a few” Game of Thrones spin-off projects “have been shelved” as a result of “all the changes to HBO Max«. However, none of them are completely dead. “I do not agree that they are dead,” the author wrote. “You can take something off the shelf as easily as you can put it on the shelf.”

WB Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, promised to cut billions in corporate spending. As a result, a number of TV shows have already been removed from the HBO Max platform so that the company can avoid paying a constant stream of royalties to its creators.

Right now, second season of the dragon’s house It is the only production that is active that is related to Game of Thrones. While Martin didn’t go into detail about which titles have been stopped, he did promise that several of them are still moving forward in their development stages, but none have been given the green light yet. “We hope… maybe soon,” he continued.

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