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HBO’s Velma is the worst series ever, surpassing even Dragonball Evolution

IMDB leaves Velma, the HBO series that will also have a second season, on the ground

After more than 10 years on the throne, Dragonball Evolution must now deliver the crown of the most hated project in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for the new HBO Max show, Velma.

With an audience score of 2.5, Dragonball Evolution no match for the new series of HBO, Velma, which currently has a 1.3. Interestingly, the scores for the first two episodes of the show are individually higher, at 2.7 and 2.3 respectively.

What are viewers saying about the HBO animated series?

In the reviews viewers comment on how little they see of the real Velma in the series, beyond the absence of the beloved Scooby-Doo. many wonder what kind of audience the creators of the show had in mind, as it is clearly not aimed at those who liked the classic series. Likewise, people who had no problem with turning a children’s cartoon into an adult animated show also found various problems criticizing the quality of the jokes.

Although Velma was not a hit with viewer reviews (nor professional critics), so far It has been a ratings success for HBO Max, and a second season may already be under consideration..

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