HBO Max’s Velma is a hit! His popularity increases up to 127%

Velma has become one of the most requested series of the week

Although the adult animated series, Velmahas received many negative reviews from many viewers, the program has become one of the most popular of the week.

In the latest report on Parrot Analytics data published by The Wrap, it was revealed that the series has achieved #2 in this week’s Most Wanted New Shows rankingwhich is slightly higher than The last of us. Since its premiere on January 12, Velma has attracted a lot of attention in the United States, which demand for the series increased by up to 127%. The program’s audience performance this week is 37.3 times higher than a series average.

Another triumph in the HBO Max series

Among the negative comments on the show is how little this Velma reminds viewers of her more classic version, in addition to the surprising absence of Scooby Doo. The series also has another achievement as it currently ranks lower than Dragonball Evolution on IMDB, certainly a triumph.

Whether Velma will continue beyond this season has yet to be officially announced, but it has been revealed Warner Bros. Discovery I already wanted to develop the second one.

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