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Has Marvel canceled Black Panther spin-off?

Nate Moore, producer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, talks about the situation for the spin-off starring Okoye

In February 2021, it was announced for the first time development from a series derived from Black Panther. Later, some sources pointed to Okoye character as the protagonist of the plotperformed once again by Call Gurira. At the moment there is already one silent cancellation by Marvel Studios.

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Nate Mooreproducer of Black Panther, has had one chat with Variety on the status of spin-offs placed in the franchise, it appears that none have reached the development stage a Marvel Studios. “We’ve definitely talked about characters and ideas that could be Disney+ series.Moore commented.

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It’s really about getting the story right and making sure we don’t take away from the cinematic experience of the franchise.. I think our first love and Kevin Feige’s first love is the movie experience. The movie will always take precedence, but we’ve had ideas about what a Disney series could be,” he continued.

¿Habrá spin-off of Black Panther?

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Based on Nate Moore’s recent comments on the project, it appears that it will be a while before we see each other an Okoye manage your own project at UCM, or it is even likely that it will not be seen. The manufacturer thinks sothere are big ideas we’re still talking about with ryan coogler“, so it is easy to deduce that the series is in an early development process.

That effort in the project of Ryan Coolerdirector of the two Black Panther films, is due to a exclusive five-year television agreement that your company Neighborhood media has with Disney.

The Black Panther franchise is available on the Disney+ digital platform.

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