The Flash - Flash - Green Arrow - Stephen Amell - Grant Gustin - DCU

Green Arrow returns in the final season of The Flash

Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) in what will be his last appearance in the Arrowverso

Chain CW It hits the shelves again with a series known as Arrowverso. But this series finale’The lightning‘ could not end without the fantastic presence of the character that originated this entire universe, consisting of a network of series from which we have already chosen the most relevant characters before they disappeared from small screens, which is not a bull that Green arrow.

The series about the sprinter of DC comics It can be seen in Spain on the HBO Max platform, which has made all the seasons available so far. Erik Wallaceexecutive producer of the series, has announced this congratulations.

The Flash - Flash - Green Arrow - Stephen Amell - Grant Gustin - DCU

Amell returns as Oliver Queen once again

It could not be otherwise. A character as iconic in comics as important to Arrowverso, from which it is known that one of the characters could get a new opportunity, it could not be missing. Arrow It is the essence and seed of all the series that arose around this dc universe y CW.

The announcement of his return has been revealed following the confirmation that David Ramsey, Keiynan Lonsdale y Sendhil Ramamurthy they would also reprise their respective roles in the ninth episode of the 9th season of ‘The lightning‘.


“As soon as the announcement of our final season came out, we knew we wanted Stephen to come back and reprise his iconic role as Oliver Queen. After all, it was Oliver who originally launched Barry Allen on his path to heroics.”

Will this be an opportunity for Green Rice to return to James Gunn’s new DCU?

Nothing can be taken for granted until this January, when Gunn confirms some of his projects for his new one dc universe. But as fans we have to keep our hopes up, we grabbed a burning nail in the face of so much change, character recasting and firings.

Gunn has declared himself an absolute fan of Green arrow in DC comics, and has stated on his Twitter account that he counts on him for DCUbut without specifying which actor will play Oliver.

This last star appearance in the final season of ‘Flash’ could be a unique opportunity to prove, if Amell is still interested, to convince fans and the heads of DC Studios that he is the best possible Green Arrow for his structured universe.


“That’s why everyone on Team Flash was so convinced it was important to create a moment that came full circle with Oliver’s return in the final season of The Flash.”

While these theories may or may not be confirmed, we’ll have to look again Oliver Already Barry together again. Something that we are sure will be enjoyed by millions of fans.

Watch out Gunn: Long live the Arrowverse!

The Flash - Flash - Green Arrow - Stephen Amell - Grant Gustin - DCU

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