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Fire and death. This is how the filming of season 2 of The Rings of Power is going

In addition, Amazon faced viewers: “Rings of Power has been a resounding success”

If we believed in bad omens or bad omens, we could confirm that season 2 of ‘Rings of Power’ it will not bring any good. The flagship of the big company Amazon seems to be cursed, as evidenced by some comments that have already begun to circulate among the members participating in the filming in England.

A devastating fire has hit the filming of Season 2 on April 3rd. According to reports from Cartoonthe fire occurred at Bray studios, near Windsor, in the UK, where the fantasy series and prequel to the films seen in cinemas were filmed.

The emergency prompted an immediate response from the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, who issued a statement about the situation. The plumes of smoke rising from the affected building were visible from a distance, worrying emergency crews and set workers.

According to the official statement from the fire service, emergency services discovered a heavy fire in a one-level warehouse. So far, no injuries have been reported, and the extent of the damage from the fire has not been confirmed.

On the other hand, the show’s production team has not issued any official statement about the incident, which has created more uncertainty about the facts. All of this adds up to another tragic event that took place a few weeks ago.

Amazon Studios confirmed that a horse used in production has passed away under confusing circumstances. A representative for the company expressed its regret at what happened, noting that: “Unfortunately, we have to confirm that one of our production horses died on March 21.”.

The animal was apparently instructed to record one of the sequences when it went into cardiac arrest due to the effort.

Amazon confronted its audience over The Rings of Power

The first season of ‘The Rings of Power’ failed to attract the right number of viewers that a production of this magnitude deserves, although there were some who were happy with its episodes, that is undeniable.

Despite the worrying numbers and reports that indicate that, Jennifer Salkemanaging director of Amazon Studiosmaintains that the company has a real gem on its hands.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Salke has dismissed reports of the show’s disappointing ratings, calling them malicious attempts to undermine the project.


“This desire to paint the series as anything less than a success doesn’t reflect any conversation I’m having internally. It’s a big opportunity for us. The first season took a lot of preparation.”

Scrambled times for production. We will continue to inform you of everything that happens with Season 2 of ‘The Rings of Power’.

Source Variety The Hollywood Reporter

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