Daredevil - Born Again - DCU

Filtered a new MCU character in Daredevil: Born Again


Various photos from the set of the Daredevil series confirm the inclusion of a new character played by actress Nikki M. James. Who will it be?

Reboot of ‘Daredevil’ in it UCMfrom the hand of his new series ‘Born Again’, continues to reveal some details about the characters that fans can expect to see on their screens when it premieres on the platform. Disney+.

In one of the latest leaks, they already have some, it corresponds to some photos taken from the New York set, in which a new character can be seen together with Charlie Coxactor who plays the main character, Matt Murdock.

Daredevil - Born Again - DCU

Rumors suggest that the new character in Daredevil could be an old acquaintance from the comics

As plot details and new additions leaked out during filming, fans have been able to learn more about the cast. If a few days ago it became known that the actress Daisy Levievacould be Murdock’s new love interest, now a new leak shows us a new female character from UCM.

The new photo from the set of ‘Born Again’ by Marvel Studios it allows us to speculate about the character being introduced. While more details about the role have yet to be revealed, this photo has sparked some buzz coming from GreatPhasewhich indicates that Nikki M. James I would love the character of Kirsten McDuffie.

Who is it? Kirsten is an assistant state attorney who is completely convinced that Matt is hiding behind the horns.

Among Daredevil fans, one of the most popular love interests was Kirsten, who had a flirtatious relationship with Matt that eventually turned into something more serious. Over time, their mutual friendship developed into a romantic relationship, and together they founded a law firm in San Francisco.

For a time, both devoted themselves to their legal practice with determination and dedication, but their love affair came to an abrupt end.

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