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Constantine Sekeris, Creature Concept Artist at House of the Dragon, Reveals Initial Sketches for Vhagar, Westeros’ Greatest Dragon

Months after premiering on HBO, House of the Dragon continues to release small details about the creation phase from the series. This time it has happened Constantine secretaryconceptual artist of the program’s creatures, who was responsible design the mighty Vhagarthe oldest and most exorbitant dragon of Westeros.

The artist has shared his instagram account loose first sketches that was made of mighty creature. In the caption, mention how the designers teamed up with series showrunner and that concept artists from around the world were hired to shape everyone Targaryen house dragon.

How does the design differ from House of the Dragon?

As for the design, the sketch conceived by Sekeris and company it is quite reminiscent of Vhagar finally of the series, except horns and teeth that sticks out of the mouth. But conceptual designs mediate the two main sensations that characterizes the dragon: its antiquity and its great size. What’s more, the absence of horns making it stand out from the rest of the dragons in the series that had them.

En principio, The House of the Dragon season 2 will be released in HBO Maxat least in 2024.

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