Download 60 skins inspired by UCM… Free!

The generous gift from Marvel’s Avengers to its most dedicated fans

Since the release of ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ For almost three years now, players have had access to many skins dedicated to the Marvel Universe, and now they are all free to download. Yes, you read that right. For free.

The decision to make all these skins free is a generous way of saying thank you to the most dedicated players who have supported the title throughout its life cycle as it nears its end.

Many players will be in for a treat as they are giving away 60 MCU inspired costumes to all their players. This comes as a final gift to the game’s most loyal fans, as the company prepares to stop updating the title from March 31st and later stop selling it.

Marvel's Avengers

Controversy behind the decision to give away MCU skins in Marvel’s Avengers

However, it never rains to everyone’s liking as not all fans are happy with this decision. Not at all.

Many players have invested a lot of money in this title to get these skins and now they are being given away for free. Although a kind gesture, this has infuriated some players who have expressed their displeasure on Reddit as well as on social media.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ has had a checkered run with only three major story expansions and six new heroes, several of whom play frustratingly similar to other characters.

But despite everything, the game has managed to attract 16 million playersmaking it a successful title in the video game world.

We leave you with some pictures of 60 free skins inspired by UCM.

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