John Wick - The Continental

Continental, the John Wick spin-off series, already has a release date

The series will expand the John Wick universe with the famous contract killers visiting The Continental Hotel

Fans of the John Wick saga, which has its fourth installment in theaters with stellar box office numbers, have reason to get a little more excited as the spin-off series, ‘The Continental’, is ready for the premiere. The series will focus on the fictional hotel for assassins seen in the films, and It will be broadcast on the American streaming platform Peacock.

In Spain, the rights to much of Peacock’s content are available on SkyShowtimeapart from its sports content and live programming in the US, so the series will definitely be available on this new platform.

The estimated date of the premiere of ‘The Continental’ will be in the autumnspecifically i September. It is not specified whether at the beginning of the month or at the end.

The John Wick spin-off will not have a time jump

According to Erica Leeproducer of ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’, the series will consist of three installments of 90 minutes each, which will be assembled as a kind of mini-movie.

Lee assures that the series will be one “continuation” no time jumps between episodes, allowing the creators to explore this universe of assassins in greater depth.


“It’s young Winston and young Lance Reddick, young Charon. The show directors came, we heard a lot of pitches, and we discussed whether we wanted to do a John Wick-like timeline or an alternate timeline. We felt that doing a prequel , doing an alternate timeline gave us a lot of flexibility in running parallel tracks. But I also think what people in John Wick’s world, and the main character himself, like the most is getting to know the hotels and the Easter eggs.”

The details of The Continental

The series will feature a cast consisting of Colin Woodellplays a younger version of the manager of the New York Continental, Winston and Ayomide Adegun playing a younger version of the late Lance Reddick’s Charron character.

Ian McShanewho played Winston in the John Wick films, will not appear in the series.


“We give so little information about each character and about the hotel in each movie that I think people really wanted to know more and go deeper into the Continental, like what’s the cleaning staff like? What’s the staff like? How do you get into the Continental ? How are gold coins made? So with this timeline and this setting, we get to dig into that and explore a lot of that stuff.”

As you can see, the series will not skimp on the details, so viewers will get a much deeper understanding of this complex and surprising universe of killers, which we learned about thanks to the role played by the actor. Keanu Reeves.

We will continue to inform you.

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