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Clancy Brown’s mysterious role in Gen V revealed

Gen V expands the boy universe with new characters and plots

The news about the spin-off of ‘The Boys’ they topple over. If we already knew a new character, Golden Boy, this time we send you a new detail related to another new character, but this had sparked some speculation about the nature of the character.

Amazon Studios has announced that the veteran actor Clancy Brown will interpret Richard “Brink” Brinkerhoff Through the website, which was created expressly for the series, has revealed that Brinkerhoff’s character has written three books that are part of the curriculum at the fictional superhero training camp at Godolkin University.

Some sort of mentor, college professor, reference for young superheroes?

Brinkerhoff’s role is an original creation that does not appear in the comics. Although little is known about the character at this stage, he appears to have some ties to the faculty of Godolkin University, as his books are used as reference material.

Brown himself appears on the cover of one of these books.

The website also revealed that Patrick Schwarzenegger will play Golden Boy, one of the key characters in ‘Gen V’, who is a student at Godolkin University who can control the fire. In addition to Brown and Schwarzenegger, other original series are included in the spin-off Jessie T. Usher, Colby Minifie and PJ Byrne. Jensen Ackles, que interpreta a Soldat Boywill also make a brief appearance in the spin-off.

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