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C1b3rWall presents the first eSports team of the Spanish National Police

The first national police team has been presented within the framework of a new project, C1b3rWall, whose intentions have been clarified during Amazon GAMERGY

The C1b3rwall project (read as cyberwall) has a team of students from the Ávila National Police School, whose mission will be to be players of video games and other eSports.

This was officially announced under Amazon Gamergy, the biggest video game and eSports event in Spain that also has a great projection and influence on the gamer community. The members must be responsible for presentations on digital security and the prevention of cybercrime in order to create a safe environment. They will also remind users of the cyber world of the decadal of safety tips for gamers.

The project, as discussed in presentationnot looking to ultimately have a hold of playersbut it seeks that this is its way of preventing users from falling victim to cybercriminals.

This decision is taken considering that the world of video games have changed drastic. Now all devices are absolutely connected. In contrast, before only the console was used, while now all kinds of plugins are added: headphones, watch, speakers, console and phone, all with intelligent software through which personal data circulates.

This gives cybercriminals a surface to feed on. All data contained in these unitssuch as photographs, messages or passwords, is the file of a person in a game, it is something very valuable, especially considering that video games are the order of the day, especially in Spain.

Some of the crimes that netizens can commitand as mentioned in the paper, they are follow: unauthorized access to the camera; image manipulation; care, imitation; Cyber ​​bullying; sexting; extortion, access to inappropriate content; malware; social engineering; fishing; among others ransomware, misappropriation or account hijacking.

The ultimate goal is the creation of a security climate that allows everyone to continue to enjoy the cyber world safely.

What is the C1b3rwall project about?

director of CPIEric Murillo, highlights importance to understand what it takes to be a professional player. It’s not about spending the whole day playing, but about having a good work routine and habits Health physical and mental, as well as having a climate of data security and inappropriate behaviour. It sends us to the social networks National Police already the accounting @KPI_Gaming y @C1b3rWall to keep up to date with project news.

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