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Born Again may not follow the story presented by Frank Miller

Charlie Cox has revealed what Daredevil we can expect from this new series from Marvel Studios and Disney+

This news may not sit well with Daredevil fans, who were convinced that the title of the new Disney+ and Marvel Studios series centered on Matt Murdock indicated what they could see when it was released. Perhaps we have all jumped to conclusions.

In a recent exclusive interview to the media Ithe actor who gives life to this Marvel Comics lawyer, Charlie Cox, has revealed two or three details that make us rethink the idea of ​​what Marvel could present to us with this new UCM series.

The new Daredevil series moves away from Miller’s work

Perhaps the choice of Frank Miller’s ‘Born Again’ as the title of the series only serves as something merely referential, not that it is an adaptation of Miller’s wonderful period in ‘Daredevil’. It is clear from the words of the leading actor.


“I don’t think anyone should take the title of that comic as a reference in terms of the stories we’re going to tell.”

Daredevil finds himself in a new phase of his life in the new Marvel Studios and Disney+ series

The actor is about to start filming the series and is preparing physically and mentally thoroughly for such a task. When the actor was asked which character we will see in this series. Will it look like the one we saw in the Netflix series? Will he continue the line marked by his character in the Spider-Man strip and in the She-Hulk series? The actor was clear, concise.


“I don’t think it’s a different character. I just think maybe it’s a different period in his life. I don’t consider my interpretation to change, they hired the same actor. I haven’t read the scripts so I know it doesn’t. But how is it part of the multiverse?”

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