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Booster Gold, Waller and the Lanterns will be part of James Gunn’s 5 series for HBO Max in the new DCU

In addition, DC Studios, with James Gunn and Peter Safran, will create an animated series for their new DC Universe.

As far as TV shows go, this is new DCU of James Gunn it won’t be short either. As the release structure is determined, two films and series per year, at from 2025the number of these productions for the chain HBO Max will rise. So far, the announced projects involve four live action series and one animated series:

  • Booster gold‘: Live-action series featuring the future tech superhero and swagger. It is unknown which actor could be its main character.
  • Waller‘: Live-action series centered on Amanda Wallerplayed again by the actress Viola Davis. The series It would fit between season 1 and season 2 of ‘Peacemaker’.
  • Lantern‘: Live action series that will focus on the group of Lantenrs with Hal Jordan and John Stewart as main characters. As DC Studios has described, the series will be a sort of detective genre where the Green Lanters will play the role of police officers at their Earth police station.
  • the lost paradise‘: That ‘Wonder Woman’ prequel. A live action series in the style of ‘Game of Thrones’ that will count the origin of the Kingdom of Themyscira before Diana’s time. The series will deal with political games, conspiracies and what women are capable of doing to gain power.

As for the continuity of Crazy Gadot, there is no information. It’s only known that it hasn’t been removed from the new DCU, but we don’t know the plans, nor have any rumors emerged at the moment.

But given this prequel series, what Gunn can set about doing is enriching the story, tying it even more to the central events of the new DCU and allowing time to see how he positions Galdot as wonder Woman. Nothing is written and everything can be in James Gunn’s new DCU.

James Gunn - DCU - Booster Gold - Waller - Universo DC

Creature Commandos will be the first animated series of the new DCU

The only announced animated series so far is ‘Creature Commandos‘, of which up to seven episodes of it have already been written. The members of this original group are as follows: Lieut Matthew Shrievea human, Warren Griffith, a werewolf; Sargent Vincent Velcro, a vampire; the soldier Elliot “Lucky” Taylor, a monster; and the doctor Myrna Rhodes, a gorgon. These characters were created in the 80s by the artists JM DeMatteis y Pat Broderick.

In a future article we will explain in more detail who the Creture Commandos are so you are aware of what Safran and Gunn may be pretending to do. It is expected that this animated series plus the one centered on Amanada Waller will start Chapter 1 of Gunn’s DCU in 2025. We will continue to inform you.

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