The Witcher Blood Origin

Blood Origin links directly to the original series

In addition to showing us the conjunction of the spheres, The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces us to key characters in the story of Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher: Blood Origin, prequel to the series starring Henry Cavillcan already be seen in Netflix. The series tells the story of Continent from 1200 years ago, when the events caused the catastrophe known as the Confluence of the Spheres and the creation of the “First Wizard”.

The Witcher Blood Origins

It seems that The Witcher: Blood Origin It was supposed to be a 6-episode series, but for unknown reasons it was decided that it should happen in 4. This reduction has made the pace of the series very high, without time to assimilate everything that has to be explained, why as we will try to explain the main points in Blood Origin and how it connects directly with The Witcher.

The Consequences of the Conjunction since The Witcher

Perhaps the easiest point to understand. After the destruction of the main monolith (with the consequent death of Syndril y Balor), the explosion causes portals to be opened to different worlds, “crossing” between them. This causes beings and other kinds of creatures to come to the continent. This catastrophe is known as the conjunction of the spheres. This is how they come into the world The Witcher (originally inhabited by elves and dwarves) humans and many monsters. As you can see, a scene is shown where hundreds of people appear on the beach and an elf asks them in a language they don’t know what they are.

The Witcher conjunction of the spheres

Later, an elf woman is seen posting a note looking for brave elves to kill. Guidemonsters that have reached the continent by the nexus of the spheres.

The creation of the first witch in The Witcher

A somewhat controversial topic that will make most fans of Sapkowski’s work raise an eyebrow, as it differs quite a bit from the events of the books.

in defense of The Witcher: Blood Origin, It must be said that the letter barely gave any details about the origin of the wizards. Netflix He has exploited that loophole to generate his own version. mountain the elf, with the help of a monster’s blood or mutagens, is subjected to what we might call an ordeal of the primitive herbs, something necessary to become a witch that very few humans manage to overcome (very few survive).

The Witcher Blood Origins

In the end, the transformation works, albeit not completely. mountain he gains warlock attributes like reflexes, strength, speed, and agility far better than mortals (plus yellow eyes), but doesn’t seem to be able to use magic. In addition, the process is not perfect, because little by little the monster possesses the goblin. in the end it is Other thingshis lover (and one of the main characters) who kills him to avoid the transformation.

Eile’s pregnancy in The Witcher

After some time has passed since the union of the spheres and the destruction of the elf empire, we see the elf Other things with an advanced pregnancy (the result of her relationship with mountain). The elf herself asks a psychic girl to read her future, and she quotes a somewhat disturbing form of prophecy.

“The era of the spheres haunts us. Aen Seidhe lost in the sky, drifting, searching for the eternal love that was left. The lark’s seed will house the first note of a song that will end all time. And someone of his blood will sing it.”

The first sentence refers to the conjunction itself. Aen Seidhe is the expression that the elves in the world of Geraltat least in the books of Sapkowski. It would be logical to think that it refers to Eredinwho ended up in another world during the great battle, but this one in the books is one Eyes Elleelves who live in another world and are culturally different from those in Continent. Therefore, we do not know what the second sentence refers to.

The third and last sentence is the easiest to interpret. If it hadn’t been clear, it has all the earmarks there Other things is progenitor of Lara Dorren and therefore of Functions.

The Witcher Ciri

In the books, Lara Dorren It was the last eleven who wore what was known as old blood, a special genetic material possessed by the so-called “Wise Elves” who possessed immense magical power and knowledge. Lara fell in love with a human with whom she had a half-elf daughter, causing her to lose her lineage from old blood among the goblins. The lineage, and therefore the genetics of The door ended in the monarchy of Cintrabeing Functionsthe last person to possess the pure Old Blood gene and therefore everyone wants to find her.

IN The Witcher: Blood Origin, it is mentioned that baby of Other things y mountain he is a being of unique blood, marked by beast and by magic. It seems that Netflix he wanted to give an origin to the call old blood, although in the books it is interpreted that it already existed before the conjunction and that it was after this event that the elves lost it. Undoubtedly, a change that will generate a lot of controversy among the followers of The WitcherWell, what the platform has done is that the origin of this strange power is related to the creation of wizards, which makes everything even more strange.

The Witcher context of the spheres

Eredin and Avallach since The Witcher

If you have read Geralt of Rivia Saga by Andrzej Sapkowski, or have you played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, no doubt these names will ring a bell. Eredin is the leader of wild hunta group of elves from another world (that of the Aen Elle elves) who have the ability to travel to others and use it to get more slaves to their world, he could already be seen in his armor at the end of the season two from The Witcher. Avalach is a wise elf (as Lara Dorren), who has the ability to travel between worlds and who is from the same world as Eredinacted as an advisor to his world’s elven king.

As can be seen, Netflix have presented these two characters somewhat differently than what they were supposed to be in the books, since it is assumed that they already lived in another world before Conjoined, so this would be another big change from canon fact. in the series Blood Origin It seems they wanted to introduce them to us when they were still young because Avalach he introduces himself as an apprentice, and it is seen that he has not yet mastered the journey between worlds.

Secondly Eredin not yet the leader wild hunt, although in a final scene he is seen trapped in the world of sand, from which I took a kind of Calvary skull that he wears as a helmet. This gesture tells us that the skull will become his iconic helmet and that it seems we are at the birth of the Wild Hunt.

These two characters will be key in the future of the series The Witcher because they are somehow related to Functions and the two characters want to use it for their purposes. As seen in the post-credits scene of The Witcher: Blood Origin. We won’t reveal anything to avoid spoilers, but we will keep their faces and their names.

Will there be a season 2 of The Witcher: Blood Origin?

It is still too early to know if there will be a second season. At first it was sold that it should be a mini-series, in addition the critics have not been kind to it Blood Origin, so the only way there will be a second season is if the ratings are really high. Considering it was released a day ago, it’s too early to tell.

Currently, it is known that another spin-off of the franchise of The Witcher and that the name of the first episode of the third season of the original series is already known, which reveals a lot about its plot.

The Witcher - destacada

The Witcher: Blood Origin is now available on Netflix.

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