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Bad news for fans looking forward to Season 2 of The House of the Dragon

HBO Max’s Dragon House is getting a second season with a different duration than the first. The studio is already considering a season 3

It has been revealed that season 2 of the prequel series to ‘Game of Thrones’ HBO Max, ‘The Dragon’s House’, will have fewer episodes than the first. Yes, very bad news for those looking forward to a powerful new dose of The Targaryen in vein.

The first season had ten episodes, while the second season will have two less. Eight.

However, reducing the number of episodes in the second season appears to be part of a long-term plan for the seriesas it has been confirmed that HBO is is considering renewing for a third season.

Although some have speculated that cost-cutting at Warner Bros. Discovery could be a reason for the reduction of episodes, an HBO spokesperson has insisted that the decision is based on the story.

The House of the Dragon season 2 goes from 10 to 8 episodes

All of this comes to light as season two prepares to go into production in the UK, so it’s quite possible that House of the Dragon season 2 won’t arrive until summer 2024 or even early autumn.

According to Deadline, The second season of La Casa del Dragón was originally planned to have 10 episodes, but as production progressed, changes were made that led to script rewrites.

The show’s creators have stated on several occasions that they intend for the series to have between three and four seasons, and have reportedly already planned a third.

To implement this plan, some plot points and a major battle originally planned for season two have been carried over to season three. If all goes according to plan, the prequel could last a total of four seasons. We will continue to inform you.

Source Deadline

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