Bad Bunny reveals details of his farewell

After success in music and wrestling, Bad Bunny would face a different challenge in Hollywood with El Muerto

The multi-talented artist Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, has not only distinguished himself in music, but also in acting and wrestling. A year ago, the geek community and his fans were thrilled to learn that he would be playing the Marvel/Sony superhero, El Muerto. Recently, however, something has changed in the landscape.

The Silence of Bad Bunny

The death, an enigmatic wrestler who comes from a lineage of Luchadores, each empowered by a mystical mask, seemed like the perfect role for Bad Bunny. The artist’s emotion was palpable. But, to everyone’s surprise, Sony decided to cancel the project months later, choosing to move forward without its main star.

El Muerto - Bad Bunny

In recent months, however, silence has prevailed Bad Bunny has finally decided to speak, even if in a somewhat elusive way. During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, when asked about his role in the film, the artist preferred not to answer, letting his publicist intervene with a simple: “Next question”. Bad Bunny finally chimed in and said, “I don’t know what to say.” He called the issue “sensitive”, it being clear that it is a thorny issue for him.

However, for those looking to follow Bad Bunny’s acting career, it’s not all bad news. The artist has already participated in the film high speed train and co-star in the biographical wrestling drama Cassanderwhich will be available on Amazon on September 22nd.

The legacy of fighters in cinema

Cinema is witness to how fighters They have become emblematic characters, from classic films to more recent productions. Wrestling culture has influenced directors and screenwriters, making it a source of inspiration to create stories that mix action, drama and, sometimes, a touch of mysticism. When I think about Bad bunny taking on the role of The deathone can’t help but remember other films in which wrestling and its masks played a crucial role.

EL Muerto Bad Bunny

These elements not only add to the visual appeal, but also reflect a rich cultural tradition that resonates with many viewers. The fact that Sony has decided to move in a different direction is a loss for the film community. However, the cultural impact of wrestlers on cinema will remain indelible and there will always be a new opportunity to tell their story.

Sony’s Spider-Universe: Beyond Spider-Man

Sony’s Spider-Verse, also known as SUMC (Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters), is a series of films based on characters appearing in the Spider-Man comics, to which Sony Pictures owns the film rights. While it initially focused primarily on Peter Parker, over time it broadened its scope to explore other characters and villains.

El Muerto - Marvel - Bad Bunny - Sony

It all started with movies Spiderman directed by Sam Raimi, starring Tobey Maguire. The franchise was then rebooted with The Extraordinary Spider-Man, where Andrew Garfield took over the lead role. Despite initial attempts to create an expanded universe with this second series, Sony only managed to consolidate its spider universe later.

Poison, released in 2018 with Tom Hardy as the protagonist, marked a turning point, presenting a universe in which characters from the world of Spider-Man exist, but without the active presence of the wall-crawler. The film was a huge success, leading Sony to develop more films focusing on related characters, such as Morbius, the living vampire, with Jared Leto. If all goes well, in 2024 we could have three films from this universe later the delay of Kraven, which was scheduled to arrive at the end of this year. the hunter will be accompanied by Mrs. Web and from Venom 3.

These productions reflect the great wealth of characters that coexist in the Spider-Man universe, proving that there is life beyond the figure of the wall-crawler on the big screen.

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