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Ash grew a lot thanks to Misty and it’s time to admit it

Misty is often considered a character that had little relevance in Pokémon’s plot. Let’s see how false this can be

Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Misty’s relationship began when Pikachu sang Misty’s bike accidentally hit. Misty stated that Ash was responsible for the damage to her Pokémon and therefore she owed him a new bike. Until it was delivered as new, would chase him on his journey to become a Pokémon Master (and later joined Brock).

As the series progressed, Misty taught Ash to befriend his Pokémon. Since she was the Celestial City Gym leader, she knew for a while about how to interact with Pokémon and it was very useful for Ash to better develop the battles.

Misty taught him too not to get carried away by emotions every time won or lost a matchbecause it could make him too frustrated by his defeats and the important thing instead, was to learn from them.

It cannot be denied that Misty has been considered by some as a character who seems to have a love interest for Ash as she cares a lot. for his safety and for his follies.

Pokémon 2

This is rejected in Pokemon 2: The Power of Onefor here Melody meets the adventurous trio (Ash, Misty and Tracy) and recognizes Misty as one big sister (actually an annoying sister) more than a partner. This is demonstrated when Misty sees Melody getting too close to Ash, physically and emotionally, and when Ash falls into the icy water and comes to his rescue with nerves on the surface.

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