Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the legacy of the canceled film Black Manta

Between The Trench and Black Manta’s revenge: the hidden influence in the Aquaman sequel

James Wanresponsible for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomshared at an event to present the trailer for the sequel incorporates ingredients of the canceled proposal on a particular character. Wan noted, “We develop a project and we like whatever, if it works, great, if it doesn’t work, fine.” He shared that concepts emerged that they decided to add in this new episode.

Regarding this project, Wan added: “We were planning a secret film. We initially introduced him one way, but we wanted to surprise him. When that didn’t happen, some concepts were added to this film.”

Why haven’t we seen the DC enemy movie?

In 2018 we were offered a film from the DC cinema scene Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Mera (Amber Heard) venturing into a dangerous marine environment. In 2019 there was an announcement of a spin-off film about that area, with a dark twist and with Wan in production.


THE Reception of the Aquaman At its debut it was quite positive, a pleasant surprise in a cinematographic landscape where superheroes reign. The Touch of James Wan, Known for his expertise in the horror genre, brought the freshness that the DC Extended Universe needed. Furthermore, Aquaman had the arduous task of introducing viewers the majesty of Atlantis. This underwater city, with its complex politics and culture, is home to numerous mythical creatures and advanced technologies.

For many, Atlantis has become another character, adding depth and visual beauty to the plot. The use of bright colors and detailed special effects distinguish Aquaman from other superhero films. With the next delivery, the expectation growsand fans hope that the sequel not only maintains, but raises the standard set by its predecessor.

However, In 2021, the film studio has decided not to move forward with several projects, including the one mentioned. Wan later shared that the suspended project actually contained a character-related secret, in which Yahya Abdul-Mateen II would continue his role as the villain.


A prominent return in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

In the sequel, an old enemy, who previously had a secondary role, returns with a more important role. The focus is on two family members, with Momoa and Patrick Wilson returning to character.

The film’s description reads: “After failing to prevail in a battle, driven by personal reasons, an adversary sets out to finally overcome Aquaman. Possessing an artifact of great power, he represents a threat never seen before. To face him, Aquaman will try to ally himself with a close relative, the former monarch of Atlantis. “Both, despite their differences, must join forces against a potential catastrophe.”


The challenges in the cinematic landscape of Aquaman

The Aquaman films have given fans a variety of inspiring characters. From the leader Orm Marius/Ocean Master to the challenging character in the black diving suit, the chapters have proven that the hero’s counterparts can be as nuanced as he is. They are figures who not only generate tension on the big screen, but also deal with aspects such as family discord and animosity. Undoubtedly, they are essential to the success of the series.

In addition to them, this world presented beings and areas that pose dilemmas to the protagonist. Dangerous sea areas and an unknown realm show the obstacles the hero must overcome. These challenges and rivals, in addition to adding tension, strengthen the legend of Atlantis and extend the narrative of the aquatic universe, revealing that the ocean hides more than legends, but also tensions and powerful rivals.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will be available in theaters on Wednesday 20 December.

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