Aquaman 2 and the renewed DC universe: new era or goodbye?

Director James Wan and his perception of the DC Extended Universe reboot after the Aquaman 2 sequel

Given the recent changes in the DC Extended Universe, the next film Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom will mark the end of an era. James Wandirector of the film, shares his reflections on the challenges this represents and how he sees the future of Aquaman in this renewed context.

James Wan and his “house under renovation”

The recent decisions made by Warner Bros. Discovery have not gone unnoticed. With a series of films that didn’t achieve the success they hoped for, the studio made its decision reboot the DC Extended Universe, now under the name DCU. This revamp, called Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, will be overseen by James Gunn and Peter Safran. However, not all of the changes were well received, especially when it came to the cast. The rumors suggest so Jason Momoawho plays the Atlantean, may abandon his role to play Wolf.

In this context of continuous changes, Wan was consulted by Screen Rant on his vision of the situation. Without taking sides, the filmmaker He compared his experience to living in a house that was being renovated.: “I am aware of everything that happens around me. I use the analogy that I live in a house that is being renovated. It’s hard not to notice the renewal happening around me.”

Aquaman’s Independence

But beyond the vicissitudes of the larger universe, Wan highlights the uniqueness of his film. He claims that both the first installment and this second were designed to exist your universe. This independence allows him not to be influenced by external decisions: “The advantage of not being connected to this larger universe is that what happens there doesn’t really affect my film. This tape doesn’t connect to anything. “She lives in his world.”

This perspective allowed Wan and his team to focus on what they do best, without paying attention to outside noise. However, he faced challenges, such as remove a post-credits scene focusing on Batman and other references to the DCEU.

Aquaman’s legacy in pop culture

Since his creation in 1941, the King of Atlantis has been a key pillar of the DC Comics universe. Over the years, this underwater hero has undergone various transformations, both in comics and film adaptations. Jason Momoa’s portrayal in the 2018 film earned him a resurgence in popularity which many did not expect. His character has left behind the image of the superhero with the blond hair and orange suit, to become a tougher and more charismatic king of Atlantis.

This twist in narrative and character design led to a resounding success at the box office. The adaptation showed an Atlantean king closer to the roots and marine mythologies, creating a deep connection with the audience. Without a doubt, his legacy in pop culture is assured, regardless of future decisions in film. While waiting for his next film, fans want justice to be done to the King of the Seven Seas.

Aquaman’s future in the DCU

Despite the rumors and speculation about the character’s future, the hope remains that, if Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom exceed expectations, we will see this King of Atlantis again in the renewed DCU. However, for now, it seems unlikely.

The truth is that this December 20th The mystery will be revealed when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters. As the film’s tagline says: “The tide is turning.”

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