The Last of Us - Annie Wersching - HBO Max

Annie Wersching, Tess in the video game The Last of Us, has died at the age of 45

Wersching also participated in well-known series such as Star Trek: Picard or Runaways in addition to having contributed to the game The Last of Us

Annie Werschingwell-known actress from world-famous TV series such as ‘24‘, where she played the role of Renee Walkeror in other new propositions from the universe’Star Trek, ‘Picard‘huh died at the age of 45 in the city of Los Angeles.

The actress had long has suffered from cancer since 2020, year is that he was diagnosed. Nevertheless, Wersching continued to work with tenacity and zest for life and participated in series such as ‘Runaways‘.

The Last of Us - Annie Wersching - HBO Max

He lent his voice and movements to bring Tess to life in The Last of Us

The actress also participated by lending her voice and movements to bring the character to life Tess It has been remembered by countless fans of the video game as the adaptation that airs on HBO Max. The news has begun to reach many colleagues of the actress when it was published by Deadline, as well as various professionals who were able to work with her, such as Neil Druckmanco-chairman of Naughty dogthe studio responsible for the video game, which has expressed its sadness over the loss on Twitter.

Her husband, Stephen drunkhas left an emotional message as a farewell which has been published and which we leave you below:

“Today there is a great void in this family’s soul. But she bequeathed us the tools to fill it. He discovered magic in the simplest moment. I didn’t need music to dance. He taught us not to wait for adventure to to find you. Go find her. It’s everywhere”

Source Twitter Deadline

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HBO is capitalizing on the appeal of The Last of Us and giving it a Season 2. Viewership for The Last of Us is increasing, making this dystopian drama starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey a success.

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