Andor is filming in Valencia, Spain, and the leak gives us an important preview of Season 2

Andor is filming in Valencia, Spain, and the leak gives us an important preview of Season 2

The city hosted part of the filming of season 2 of Andor, and Valencians have experienced it with great fascination and curiosity

‘Andor’ It is filming its season 2 in Latin American countries. The City of Arts and Sciences has become a Star Wars scene. Once filming at this location is complete, production of the series will be transferred to another Valencia location, the castle of Xàtivaa fortress with a deep and rich history dating back to Roman and Iberian times.

This is not the first time that images of the new season have been leaked, but seeing everything as a whole in a while will give us a better understanding of Season 2.

The production in Spain has the actors Diego Luna, Stellan Skarsgård and Genevieve O’Riley who has been on set for the past few days. A new video shows an exciting meeting between Cassian Andor and My Mothmawhich could be their first meeting.

Which Star Wars planet will the Valencia set be?

Although the context is hard to make out, Cassian appears to plead with Mon as they frantically walk through a place that looks like Coruscant, although some speculate that it could be Mon Mothma’s homeworld of Chandrila. We don’t know what, but this could be the first meeting between the senator and the former mercenary.

In addition, the actor has been seen Robert Emms in the city that played Lonnie Jung, an informant on Skarsgård’s character who works for the Empire. Although it is not clear whether Emms is included in the scenes, his presence on the set has created speculation about what role he could play in the development of the plot.

Benjamin Bratt, who could have a role in the series, has also been seen with the production team. Although not much is known about her character, her presence on the set has raised even more uncertainty among die-hard fans of the series.

Mon Mothma’s presence in the second season suggests that the series could further explore the formation of the Rebellion and the fight against the Empire. The series is also expected to delve into the relationship between Cassian and K-2SO, something that has not been seen yet.

Although not much is known about the plot of the second season, the series is expected to continue to explore Cassian’s past and his role in the new Rebellion. The series is also expected to introduce new characters and expand the Star Wars universe even closer to ‘Rogue One’.

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