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And season 4 of The Orville? We tell you in what state the Seth MacFarlane series is located

Renowned industry scoop Webb Mitovich reveals the future of The Orville

After three seasons, which have garnered good reviews, ‘The Orville’ is heading for a season 4. is it coming? Things couldn’t be as neat and logical as according to a reputable industry scoop, fans of the series will have to temper their illusions. We are very sorry to be the bearers of bad news.

As explained by Mitovich in the middle TVLine responds to a reader, the series is in limbo. Yes, in a temporary space where nothing happens. The series currently has no signs of being authorized to have the expected Season 4.


The Orville season 4 on Stand by

According to the scoop that went along president of ABC Entertainment, Craig Erwichreveals that he assured him that the series starring Seth MacFarlane is on hold.

“We have nothing to share at this point. It’s a great show and I know the fans loved having him back in their lives. And Seth did a great job, and in a unique way!, up front y behind the camera. But we don’t have anything to share right now.”

While the future of the series is up for grabs, you can always enjoy existing seasons on Disney+. We will continue to inform you as soon as more reports about ‘The Orville’ arrive.

Source TVLine

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