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An unexpected Star Wars character has been revealed

A new LEGO set based on the Ahsoka series has been the informant. The character is related to Hera Syndulla

Although its title is ‘Ahsoka’, the series starring Rosario Dawson seems to be a continuation of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ in live action format. The Disney + series promises a lot for the sequels ‘star wars’as it has been confirmed that several characters from the popular Lucasfilm animated series will appear, which, along with Zeb Orrelio’s cameo in ‘The Mandalorian’, will give this televised universe of the galactic saga greater coherence and depth.

Now a new set LEGO could have revealed another major ‘Rebels’ cameo expected to appear in the series.

Will Hera Syndulla’s son appear in the live-action series Ahsoka?

The series could feature another major cameo from the animated series, Hera Syndulla’s son, Jacen Syndulla, introduced in this set.

The description of set #75357 Contains five figures as follows: Hera, Chopper, Quarrie, an unknown dark-skinned male character, and Hera’s son Jacen. Jacen He is the son of the rebel Twi’lek pilot, Heraand the late Jedi Knight Senior Jarrus.

Because of ‘Rebels’ took place before the original trilogy, and that the series of Your Djarin takes place 9 years after ‘Episode IV’, Jacen is still fully grown at the time of the series.

But his presence may be crucial to Ezra Bridger’s plot. In fact, Ezra received Jedi training from Jacen’s father, and if Jacen is also Force-sensitive, Ezra could do the same for Kanan’s son.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play Hera in the live-action series, and while the scope of her role and which actor will play the youngest character in the Ghost crew is unknown, more information may be revealed in the upcoming series. ‘Star Wars Celebration’ that starts Friday, April 7. There will be a lot of attention.

The fact that Jacen’s cameo was revealed via a set rather than officially revealed by Disney+ may have spoiled the surprise, okay. But it may also have created more expectations among fans, and especially among those who love the animated series.

The connection between the various characters from various past and present series of the Star Wars Universe will allow for an expansion and coherence that we could never have imagined. May the force be with you!

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