An alternative vision of MJ’s fate

Spider-Man: No Way Home concept art shows an unexpected heroic turn for MJ

Ever since Marvel Studios brought our beloved Spider-Man to life on the big screen, we’ve seen surprising plot twists and cinematic moments that will forever remain in fans’ memories. However, what not everyone knows is that, sometimes, some scenes conceived during production do not become part of the final film. This is the case of the recent revelation by the artist Phil Saunders in this regard a scene not included in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The confrontation between MJ and Green Goblin

The concept art shared by Phil Saunders on his Instagram account shows us this an alternate vision in which MJ, played by Zendaya, bravely faces the Green Goblin to save Peter, starring Tom Holland. In this frenetic scene, Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin grabs Spider-Man by the neck mid-flight, as scaffolding falls behind them. MJ appears from another angle, facing the villain and holding a syringe, ready to inject him.

Saunders mentions the art: “This was one of the most fun key illustrations to make #spiderman #nowayhome. In an earlier version of the script, #green elf He ends up stabbing Spidey, just before MJ falls onto his back and manages to stick the antidote needle into his neck. It was great to work on the dynamics of this composition to capture the drama of the moment.”

The Break Between Realities: A Homage to Spider-Man

The film Spider-Man: No Way Home, released in 2021, not only marked the closure of the first arachnid trilogy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also became an extended tribute to the previous films of the arachnid superhero in action. . Due to an accident caused by Dutchman Peter Parker, the barriers between dimensions have weakened. This allowed Tobey Maguire AND Andrea Garfield They would take their own versions of the character and join him. This storyline also brought several villains from their previous films into the MCU, including Dafoe’s Green Goblin, and the three Spider-Men had to join forces to defeat them.

Although in the final version of the film MJ didn’t have the opportunity to inject the Green Goblin with the formula seen in the concept art, he did have a prominent role. She confirmed her place as Peter Parker’s great love, even when he was forced to erase himself from her memories.

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy: A Golden Age

Since his debut in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland has captured the hearts of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans. Unlike his predecessors, Holland brought a touch of youthful innocence to the character combined with the determination of a growing hero.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first installment of the trilogy, introduced a young Peter Parker, eager to prove himself as an Avenger under the tutelage of Tony Stark. The plot seamlessly interweaves the challenges of adolescence with the responsibility of being Spider-Man. The vultureplayed masterfully by Michael Keaton, he is presented as the antagonist, offering a new perspective to the universe of our friend and neighbor’s villains.

The second part, Spider-Man: Far From Home, takes Peter Parker on a school trip across Europe. Here he faces the deceitful Mystery, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Through illusions and tricks, Mysterio tests Peter’s determination and ability to distinguish reality from fiction.

Finally, Spider-Man: No Way Home closes the trilogy, not only as an interdimensional adventure, but also as a profound emotional journey for Peter Parker, who must decide what kind of hero he wants to be, and at what cost.

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