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A Season 2 of Obi-Wan? Ewan McGregor Responds to Star Wars Fans

Many Star Wars fans are clamoring for a season 2, although Obi-Wan Kenobi was intended as a miniseries, fans should not lose hope

Many of us are those who, after finishing the last episode of ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi‘ a certain sadness came over us knowing that we may never see Ewan again as this iconic character from Star wars. The fact that Lucasfilm y Disney Presenting the production as a miniseries buried the illusions of many, and today, although there are no reports that a season 2 is being considered, something may change the landscape.

And it is that the actor has shown his great interest and enthusiasm to return with the character in a recent interview with Disney Studios Awards where he also participated Hayden Christensen. In it, they reviewed the good moments of the shoot and when Ewan was asked about a second season, this is what he said.


“I was very happy to do it again and I was very happy to work with Hayden again and I hope we get the opportunity to do it again.”

Ewan McGregor is excited to return with Hayden to the Star Wars franchise

If we also pay attention to the web reports Making StarWars, Obi-Wan’s second season would have been in the works for some time. So dear fans of Star warsMay the Force be with us and we may enjoy a new season. Ewan also pointed out that he was grateful that the series bridged the gap between the original trilogy and the prequels.


“In the old days, I used to joke, ‘There’s got to be a good story to tell between ‘Episode III’ and ‘VI.’ But it’s true. I always felt there was.”

“I feel like Deborah Chow found it and nailed it. He just found the story we wanted to see between the last one we did and the first one that was done in 1977… And he achieves it. I think it just adds to our knowledge of the characters, and it’s satisfying…for the fans.”

As for the independent series that premiered in Disney+ as of December 2021, no official confirmation of a second season is known. However, it is always possible that it will be renewed for another season, as the miniseries worked exceptionally well and introduced some very interesting characters in real action, in addition to the expected return of Darth Vader.

Given that it was so well received by audiences and critics, and with so much story yet to be told, we shouldn’t lose hope.

During last summer, McGregor confirmed that while there were no plans for a second season, he was fully aware that Disney he’s just waiting for the moment to announce a comeback. We’ll see if that’s the case. We will continue to report promptly.

Source Disney The direct

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