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A rumor reveals the Jedi powers that Ezra Bridger might have


What happened to Ezra, how long has he been in the unknown regions? And most importantly… how changed will he be in Ahsoka?

Ezra Bridgerthe young Jedi, last seen in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’, returns to surprise fans with never-before-seen abilities in his appearance in the upcoming ‘Ahsoka’ series, which premieres in Disney+ at the end of summer.

According to the latest rumors, Ezra will not only show more skill in the force, but will also implement completely new techniques, such as pushing lots of energy to create chaos and destruction, similar to the popular ability ‘The Hadouken’ from the game saga ‘Street Fighter’.

Ezra, who goes from being a scared kid who stole to survive to becoming a young Jedi who helped save Lothalhe could have Force abilities that have yet to be revealed since he has been in the arcane Unknown territories since he left a few years ago.

Ahsoka will arrive in late summer 2023

In this series, Ezra will be seen outside of his natural environment, even without his lightsaber, struggling to survive in the unknown territories, meaning he’s had quite a few years to find himself and hone his skills. The series will also feature new characters such as Sabine Wrenwho will also fight with his own lightsaber.

Ezra is now also part of a series of Force-sensitive characters who will be led by a corrupt Jedi to protect a new group of Stormtroopers.

While it is not yet known for sure if Ezra will use his lightsaber in the series, it is certain that fans will experience an exciting new form of Force combat combined with martial arts. We can expect a much more mature and powerful Ezra, thanks to his connection with living animals, which has become even stronger with time. It will be quite a discovery.

If ‘Ahsoka’s’ timeline matches ‘The Mandalorian’, Ezra will have been in the unknown territories for at least 11 years, which could have resulted in a major change in his personality and abilities.

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