a promising sequel with controversial incorporation of artificial intelligence

The news of The Son’s return caused a stir: the decision to incorporate artificial intelligence into the production raised some eyebrows in the film industry

It’s been a while since the Superman-inspired “The Son” (Spain) hit theaters. And while fans eagerly awaited Brightburn 2, its realization took many by surprise, especially when the decision to use artificial intelligence (AI) in its production was revealed. This decision was the subject of criticism and controversy in the industry.

Incorporating advanced technologies into Brightburn 2

Brightburn, produced by the director of Guardians of the Galaxy AND Superman: LegacyJames Gunn, burst onto the movie scene with his teasers inspired by Man of Steel. The innovative proposal posed an intriguing question: “What if Superman was evil?” The film was quite successful, grossing approximately 33 million euros with a slightly higher estimated budget 6 million euros.

THE the production company now intends to integrate new technologies in the production process of their upcoming films, including Brightburn 2. This integration is said to include elements of Metaverse, Web3 and, of course, artificial intelligence.

Brightburn 2 The Son

The decision to use artificial intelligence in production was courageous, especially at a time when actors and screenwriters are on strike, denouncing its widespread use in Hollywood. However, the production company has reassured professionals and followers by assuring that its goal is “promote the responsible integration of technology, respecting professionals and enthusiasts”.

In a later addition, he underlined that the integration of new technologies is sought improve and integrate, and not replace the human touch in cinematography. The company’s primary loyalty continues to be to its talented team. Their goal is to use technology as an aid and not as a substitute for the invaluable human touch found in cinema.

Brightburn 2 The Son

Meanwhile, specific details about Brightburn 2 remain a mystery. When director David Yarovesky was asked in 2019 what his expectations were for the sequel, he sidestepped the question with an evasive answer, suggesting that he would prefer to surprise audiences.

It is not yet known whether Yarovesky will return for the second chapter or what his opinion is on the incorporation of AI. Although Gunn has expressed his desire for a sequel since the release of the first film, all indications are that he won’t be very involved due to his commitments to DC Studios.

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Artificial intelligence in cinema: technology and creativity

THE incorporation of AI It is not an entirely new concept in the film industry, but its application in essential areas of production still sparks debate. hollywood has seen how technology has improved visual effects and improved post-production, but the use of AI in creative areas still generates reluctance.

The possibilities are endless: from AI-generated scripts to simulations of actors in dangerous scenes. Brightburn 2 it could be a pioneer in this field, marking a before and after in the way we understand cinema. However, this raises ethical and professional questions. To what extent is it legitimate to depend on technology in such a human art as cinema? And what does this mean for jobs in the sector? As we move into the future of cinema, the line between technology and creativity becomes increasingly blurred.

The big question that remains in the air is: Are you excited for the release of Brightburn 2? Despite the controversy, the geek world is eager to see what this sequel will bring and how the technology will blend with traditional narrative.

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