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A photo of season 2 expects a return

Leaked set photo spoils a cliffhanger from The Rings of Power season 1

That new season 2 set photo of The Rings of Power has been revealed, leaving fans eager for what comes next in the plot. This photo has spoiled an important cliffhanger from season 1, and has given some clues about the fate of one of the series’ key characters, in anticipation of his return to it.

In season 1, viewers got to see the world of Middle-earth facing a new threat: Sauron, the Dark Lord, had returned. In the middle of the volcanic eruption that would completely change a part of Midgardthat generates what we know as MordorIsildur appeared to have tragically died in a burning house after the eruption.

The Significance of Isildur in The Rings of Power

The reality behind this cliffhanger has been revealed at the first opportunity. And it’s that the leaked image shows Isildur alive and kicking in Season 2, despite being thought dead in Season 1. Yeah, it looks like he’s slightly hurt, or at least they don’t seem seriously hurt.

The truth is that it will not surprise the majority of fans of the series that the character has survived, it was something that was intuited. The picture also introduces a mysterious new character played by Nia Towle, whose role in the plot has not yet been fully revealed. Isildur is destined to play a decisive role in the battle against the Dark Lord’s forces.

As we know, Isildur is a brave warrior who will be in charge of leading the last alliance of elves and men in a great battle against the evil forces of the Dark Lord in Mordor. This epic meeting will define the fate of Middle-earth and the One Ring and will bring us to the gates of events that will mark the future.

And it is that despite his bravery, Isildur will be faced with a difficult decision as he will refuse to destroy the ring, which will trigger a chain of events that would change the course of history.

This decisive choice of Isildur will unwittingly mark the beginning of the journey to Frodowhose mission will be to bring the ring to destruction i Mount Doom. Therefore, the figure of this character is of great importance in the history of Middle-earth, and his fate and choices have had a profound impact on the world of LOTR.

The image also suggests that the featured female character could play his future wife. so the journey of this character below season 2 could establish a love relationship between him and Towle’s characterwhich adds even more curiosity about the plot.

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