secret invasion

A new rumor ensures that Secret Invasion would suffer another delay

Changes to Marvel Studios’ schedule would have already affected Secret Invasion, according to a new report

According to the insider KC Walsh, Secret Invasion will no longer be released in May and its new release date would be in June. In addition, the information is confirmed by Alex Perez medium The cosmic circuswho has revealed it the series could come at the end of June.

The Cosmic Circus also says that fans of UCM they should not worry about the quality of Secret invasion, as the delays are due to Marvel Studios looking to deliver a good product. Next, we share some of the information the medium revealed.

“The delays reflect the studio’s commitment to quality and a willingness to take the time to get things right. While that may be frustrating for fans eager for new content, the end result will likely be worth it, with carefully crafted stories and characters sure to delight audiences for years to come. One of the projects Marvel fans are sure to look out for this year will be the upcoming Secret Invasion release.”

“We’ve learned from our sources that the show will bring back the incredible spy thriller vibes reminiscent of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Each episode leaves more twists than ever before, leaving fans with more questions than answers.”

The outlet also mentions that “Russia (and its neighboring countries) will serve as key locations for the rebel group in The Skrulls led by the character of Kingsley Ben-Adir.”

If the reports are correct, Secret invasion will be released in Disney+ in June.

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