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A flurry of news about James Gunn’s DCU

James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe continues to take shape in anticipation of more details, including the Peacemaker season 2 premiere window.

The DCU of James Gunn continues with full force and without rest. While we are in the middle of ‘Star Wars Celebration’ and a plethora of news from the galactic saga is reaching us, the hype is very high with ‘The Dawn of the Jedi’ or season 1 of ‘Ahsoka’, it seems that dc universe He doesn’t want to give up or lose prominence.

A number of rumors have appeared in the podcast ‘The Hot Mic’ from the more than reliable reporter Jeff Schneiderwhich already has a wealth of exclusives to its credit, which have been confirmed over time, which leave a good taste in the mouths of all fans.

These rumors point in several directions, so let’s go for parts that Jack the Ripper would say:

As the DCEU bids us farewell, the new DCU takes shape. As for the next movie that Gunn and Safran have decided, always keeping in mind that this information is not official, that the second movie from the reformed DC Universe to be released is ‘The Authority‘.

And as we had already predicted, it is more than possible that after ‘Superman: Legacy’, Superman ends up facing this group. And it’s fascinating, since due to the rumors that the two productions would be released back to back, this launch strategy can create high expectations among fans and further increase interest in new projects.

The date that has occurred on the possible premiere is sometime in 2026. The leaders of DC Studios has revealed that ‘The Authority’ will explore a team of heroes who use unorthodox methods to protect the planet. Perfect! A new breath of fresh air for the franchise.

Lex Luthor starring in James Gunn’s Superman

Sneider has also revealed that Gunn is considering recasting the character Lex Luthor being one of the major villains in the first Man of Steel film.


“What they have told me is that Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and it Lex Luthor They are in the movie ‘Legacy'”

Warner Bros. Discovery has not spoken, nor has it revealed whether they are considering a specific actor to play this iconic DC Comics character.

The choice of villain is also crucial to the success of the Superman film, so the decision on how to portray Luthor is particularly important. Some wonder if Gunn will take a more youthful approach to the character, which would allow for a fresh and original take on the villain.

Others argue that the more traditional approach, with a middle-aged, businessman-like Luthor, would be better suited to a matchup with a younger, less experienced Clark Kent.

In any case, it is clear that Gunn and Warner are betting big on the new film Kal-Eland they take into account every detail to ensure that the film is a box office and critical success.

The Peacemaker - James Gunn - DCU - DC Universe

Peacemaker season 2 premiere window revealed

Gunn has also confirmed that fans will have to wait a while for ‘Peacemaker’ season 2 to premiere, despite the runaway success of the series led by John Cena.

In fact, the series has been one of the biggest successes in the entire DCEU in terms of fan engagement, creating a lot of anticipation around its future.

Although it was not initially clear whether there would be a second season of the series, Gunn has assured that the series is still very much alive and that a sequel is in the works.

But not everything will be good news due to the prioritization of other projects in the new DCU we’ll have to wait a little longer to see it on screen, not until 2026.

On Twitter, a fan expressed concern about the future of the character and asked Gunn if the series would be released. Thankfully, the filmmaker responded by reassuring fans by saying that the series is still ongoing and will be released sometime after the Man of Steel movie.

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