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7 theories about the fourth season of The Mandalorian

After finishing the third season of The Mandalorian, many are wondering what might happen in the fourth

Season three of The Mandalorian ended not long ago. After the Mandalorians gathered under the leadership of Bo-Katan Kryze, began their campaign to recapture Mandalore. When you reached the planet, you discovered it Moff Gideon had his own plans Mandalore, among others about its cloning. It all ended in a huge conflict where the Mandalorian army fought against the Imperial remnants. In the end, the Mandalorians won and reclaimed the planet. While, Your Djarin officially adopted Grog and made a deal with the New Republic to continue working as a bounty hunter.

A fairly solid ending that, with its final scenes, doesn’t seem to give many clues as to how its continuation will be. But over the course of the eight chapters, things have happened that can give us clues as to what season four will be about and what adventures they will have. Your Djarin y From Grogu.

Your Djarin faces a new warlord

The Shadow Council appears to have grouped the few Imperial leaders who still survived. It is possible that after the death of Moff Gideon, another leader happened to control his territory and what was left of his military forces. This new Imperial leader might want to eliminate the Mandalorians who destroyed his predecessor so they don’t repeat what they did. Or we could see Command already Grog in search of the new warlord, after all, Your Djarin decide to work with Republic as a bounty hunter

Moff Gideon is still alive

This is closely related to the latest theories roaming the net. Despite Grog y Command destroyed the clones Gideonwhich I wanted to sensitize them to Powermany believe that Gideon who died in the final battle was actually another clone.

Many believe this because of the absence of a mustache on Gideon in Season 3, a feature he had in previous seasons. Still, this theory doesn’t seem very believable, partly because the Mandalorians destroyed all military forces and resources available to the villain, so he should no longer have the power to be a threat, which means he has no mind. Besides, Gideon he claims his clones weren’t finished yet, so it seems hard to believe this was a clone.

We will see the rebirth of Mandalore

Although the season finale shows us Your Djarin already Grog in his new house Nevarrono doubt the fourth season will bring us back to Mandalore. After what Bo-Katan reclaimed the destroyed planet, the Mandalorians still have much work to do in rebuilding their home planet.

In the following season, we would not only see how they repair Mandalorebut we could see a new era of Mandalorians at the same time as Mythosaurus. Let us remember that the ancient prophecies said that with the return of these mythical creatures, Mandalore back to a new golden age.

Grand Admiral Thrawn goes to war against Mandalore

Although it is only mentioned in passing Grand Admiral Thrawn promises to be the big villain in the next series of Star wars. During the shadow council meeting Pellaon confirmed it Thrown would return with all the military might empireOr at least what’s left of it.

Although it is more than confirmed Thrown appear in the series Ahsokacan we all be sure that the live action debut from heir to the empire It will not only be in the range of Togruta. Thrown promises to be the big bad who will put the current heroes of all on the ropes Star warsthat includes characters that have appeared in The Mandalorian. the villain Shit could declare war Mandaloreeither by the planet’s natural resources, the Pruneor because the Mandalorians commanded by Bo-Katan have shown that they are a real danger to the remains Imperial.

Elia Kane will create conflict in The Mandalorian

The public discovered it Elian Kane remained loyal to empire and that he worked as a spy within new republic. Although all the information he collects should end up in the Gideonit doesn’t mean that sleigh he left his mission even after the death of his boss. He’s shown to be very competent at his job, so it’s not unreasonable to think he’ll be able to sabotage Republic from the inside. His position gives him the power to create conflict between the Mandalorians and Republic. It can even get you into serious trouble. Your Djarin if he discovers his “illegal” job as a bounty hunter for new republic.

The Knights of Ren appear in season 4 of The Mandalorian

Since the series of Star wars tells about the events that happen before the aftermath, the appearance of knights of pure It’s something that could happen, although we honestly don’t know how.

This group that debuted on Episode VII – The Force Awakens, promised to be a great danger to the heroes of the films. But either because they didn’t know what to do with them, or for other reasons knights of pure They were barely in the sequel trilogy and weren’t an imposing presence either. The fourth season of The Mandalorian It would be a really good opportunity to give them the prominence they deserve and expand their stories even more, something that has already been done in comics.

The rise of the First Order in The Mandalorian

Third season of The Mandalorian has left us traces of first order. While this faction still doesn’t seem to have appeared this season, it’s clear that it won’t be long until it does. Since the new one Republic is bound by bureaucracy and does not take the threat of Imperial remnants seriously, it is possible that the first group to make contact with first order They were the Mandalorians. The former Imperials will want to eliminate the group that has disrupted part of their plans and destroyed the Mandalorian forces could be within their plans.

Third season of The Mandalorian Is found in Disney+.

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