5 works by Brandon Sanderson inside and outside the Cosmere that could be adapted to the big screen

Discover Brandon Sanderson’s literary jewels that are neither “Mistborn” nor “The Stormlight Archive” but have undeniable cinematic and television potential

If we talk about contemporary fantasy literature it is almost impossible not to think of Sanderson. Most fans associate the author with iconic sagas such as “Mistborn” OR “The Storm Archive”. However, if you limit yourself only to those works, you are missing out on a literary universe full of potential for the big screen.

The challenge of adapting Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Universe

The Hollywood landscape is going through turbulent times. Brandon Sandersonthe brilliant mind behind epic literary sagas such as Storm light AND misborn, is in the middle of this vortex. Despite the vastness and richness of the Cosmere Universe, Hollywood seems hesitant. Between work interruptions and low box office receipts, the film adaptation of these masterpieces encounters obstacles.

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The world of cinema and television is constantly evolving and is currently in an adjustment phase. Even large franchises, supported financially and by huge audiences, face challenges. Sanderson, while offering a glimmer of hope, warns that fans may need to be patient.

For those who are not expert on the subject, the Cosmere Universe represents a vast imaginary cosmos that hosts several series by the talented American writer. Its peculiarity lies in its complexity and narrative depth, attributes that make it the perfect candidate for adaptations on the big and small screen. However, the colossal challenge is how to distill such a magnitude of detail and plot it into something that the general public can consume and appreciate.

The entertainment industry is at an inflection point. And as franchises with broad support feel the impact, words like Sanderson’s offer a glimmer of optimism. Opportunities are on the horizon and, although the wait could be longer, seeing the characters of the Cosmere Universe on our screens is still a real possibility.

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Finally, in times of change and adaptation, it’s crucial to remember that great films are often the result of an extensive and meticulous process. So, although the wait is prolonged, the dream of a reliable adaptation is still more alive than ever. Ultimately, for the faithful fans of the Cosmere Universe, patience is the key as we wait for exciting updates that can completely change the current landscape.

Sanderson’s universe: a cosmos larger than you imagine

The Cosmere, Sanderson’s vast literary structure, is much more than his most popular works. Within this universe we find stories that, although they have not achieved the same fame, are full of magic, intrigue and adventures like the secret projects that will be released this year as “Yumi and the Painter of Nightmares” OR “Braid of the Emerald Sea”, which being short stories might be easier to develop and allow audiences to connect more quickly with Sanderson’s world. But the two novels that we think could have the greatest impact would be the following:

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“Elantris” It was the debut work of Brandon Sanderson and, without a doubt, he has earned a reputation as a master of the fantasy genre. The story centers on the city of Elantris, once a place of light and magic, but which was transformed into a dark and cursed prison after a cataclysm. Through the eyes of three main characters – Raoden, Sarene and Hrathen – we explore themes of decay, hope and redemption. Its rich political plot and charismatic characters offer a deep abyss of possibility for film adaptations.

On the other hand, “The Breath of the Gods” (also known as “Warbreaker”) immerses us in a world where color and ‘breath’ have power. Sisters Vivenna and Siri are sent to a city ruled by resurrected gods and face political intrigue and mystical mysteries. The distinctive voice-based magic and vivid colors would translate into an impressive visual aesthetic for the big screen. The story, full of unexpected twists and memorable characters like Lightsong and Nightblood, captures the essence of Sanderson’s storytelling talent.

The breath of the gods

Beyond the Cosmere: a universe to discover

But Sanderson isn’t limited to Cosmere. Outside of this universe, the writer offers us equally fascinating stories that beg for adaptation. Among which these three titles stand out:

“Towards the sky” It’s one of those stories. She takes us to a world at constant war with aliens, where young Spensa aspires to become a pilot and discover her family’s secrets. The combination of science fiction, dogfighting and personal drama has everything needed for a great cinematic saga.

Rhythmist Brandon Sanderson Nova

“Counters” is another example. In a world ruled by supervillains with incredible powers, a group of rebels searches for a way to overthrow them. This plot full of action, betrayal and superpowers would be the perfect starting point for a compelling television series.

And we cannot forget “The Rhythmist”, a story where magic is drawn with chalk and duels are decided in class. A fresh proposal that will be a success among the younger audience.

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