Futurama fin de año nuevo series

5 episodes of series that happen on New Year’s Eve and New Year

Ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve? We suggest 5 episodes of series that happen on these dates so that they go well into the new year

Futurama – Space Pilot 3000

Mostly legendary from Matt Groening’s series It begins precisely with a new year. That day is very important axis of the entire seriesbecause it’s the day Fry freezes to wake up year 3000, where the entire first season and part of the 2nd season takes place. The concept of the entire series is based on the fact that Fry “travels” to the futureand it wouldn’t be possible if that day hadn’t gone so damn bad.

How I Met Your Mother – The Limousine

In the first season, in chapter 11, Ted rents a limousine trying to attend so many parties and deciding which is best. Of course, everything gets complicated, and in the end they end up spending New Year’s Eve in their own limousine, but they spend it in a group. Plus, it’s a good time the story of Robin and Ted, when they promised to kiss each other at midnight, and that’s exactly what happens. It’s possibly the craziest chapter of the season.

Doctor Who – Night of the Daleks

Dalek Specials they are usually the best episodes of Doctor Who and that of the Thirteenth Doctor is not far behind either, which is that they combine the Daleks concept with the time loop, another type of episode in the series that is usually very good. In this case a Dalek kills the Doctor and company and time are reset, although time is compressed by a minute each time, so that at midnight on New Year’s Eve, time will collapse.

The Big Bang Theory – Justice League: Recombination

It wouldn’t be a party without one cosplay contest, which we are used to in series like The Big Bang Theory. That stuart’s comic shop organizes a cosplay contest for New Year’s Eve, and the boys decide to join the Justice League, even though they’re missing a Superman and a Wonder Woman, so they ask Penny ya Zack, her partner. At the last minute, Penny does not want to go because she refuses to wear the black wig, although she finally agrees to avoid a question about her relationship with Leonard.

Speed ​​10 – Millennium

the mythical X files had very interesting special chapters, like this one Millennium which was actually a crossover between the two series from the same creator. Mulder and Scully team up with Frank Black, the main character of Millennium, who they ask for help because they become involved with the evil group from Black’s series, who have raised the dead at the end of the year. This chapter acts as closure for the Millennium series, something that left fans of the series generally unsatisfied, although the episode received generally good reviews.

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