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5 Details You Didn’t Notice in the New Secret Invasion Trailer

Marvel has released a new trailer for Secret Invasion, a series that will focus on Nick Fury and his mission to stop the rogue Skrulls

secret invasion is the first program in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and as part of its promotion, a new trailer for the series has been released. Although the trailer shows us a number of images, it also leaves fans wanting Marvel with many doubts. For this reason, we explain below some of the details that you did not notice.

The explosion at the Halifax Parts Show, UK

The trailer shows us a huge explosion at the Halifax Parts Hall, a moment that would be key to the series Disney+. It is very likely that The Skrulls insurgents provoke the attack with the aim of incriminating Nick Furyas you can see in the trailer James Rhodes comments that Fury is the most wanted man on the planet.

Who is the character next to G’iah who is shooting?

In one part of the trailer you can see G’iah de Emilia Clarke shoots, but next to her is another character who helps her. Months ago it was confirmed that the actress Charlayne Woodard She is getting a role in Secret Invasion and many believe she is playing Nick Fury’s wife. Taking this information into consideration, it is possible that Woodard’s character is the person who helps G’iah stop the Skrulls.

What has G’iah discovered?

Apparently, G’iah discovers the location where the evil Skrulls are operating. The location could be the rumored abandoned nuclear power plant where the villains’ plans are carried out.

The powers of the Skrulls

As for the Skrulls’ powers, Marvel Studios it has not yet been clear. Some fans think that the ability that one of the aliens uses is a little reminiscent Big, this makes sense if the Skrulls have collected DNA samples from different species. It can also be a free adaptation of the popular Super Skrull, although Marvel could save this character for later use. Another possibility is that it is simply the faction with the powers of the race.

Who are the Skrulls in Secret Invasion?

Right now we can only speculate who a Skrull might be. We know it Everett Ross will appear in the series thanks to the progress, but the strange thing about his involvement in this story is that at the end of Black Panther: Wakanda Foreveris his character saved by Okay after being arrested by Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Therefore, his participation in Secret Invasion leads us to believe that there is a high probability that he is a Skrull.

Then we have James Rhodes, a character long believed to be a Skrull. It may be after Avengers: EndgameRhodes was abducted by the aliens and one of them took his form, thus his cameo The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I wanted to keep a big secret. The goal of the villains would be to gain an important position in the government.

Finally, we would have the possible revelation that the President of the United States is a Skrull. This would not be a big surprise since i Captain America: New World Order UCM wants Thaddeus Ross like the new president. However, it can also be that the character dies secret invasion.

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