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5 characters that should have had a different ending

With the end of The Walking Dead relatively recent, we review some deaths that shouldn’t have left the story the way they did

Characters from The Walking Dead that could have had a different ending

Everything that begins must end and in the case of TV shows, it’s usually something that’s fairly recurring, as a series cannot exist for a lifetime unless it is The Simpsons. The fact is that the plots tend to be somewhat more adult and with an interesting narrative thread tend to follow a certain structure and eventually, either due to wear and tear, to get closer to the final goal, or to lose the audience, they all end up closing.

Today we have to deal with someone who seems to have gathered a little all of these reasons, and it’s none other than The Walking Dead. The main series left us recently, but let’s remember that the story will continue through several spin-off series, although today we want to remind you of the 11 seasons. Basically we want to analyze some deaths that have occurred that perhaps they should have lasted a little longer, either because they were very sudden, or because at the time they were not really necessary. We warn you about that they are spoilers if you haven’t seen the seriesso we go there.

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serves as a clear mature and father figure in the group, this character’s death came as a surprise by coming almost out of nowhere. Many, surprising even more, were fans of the comics, as we remember that Dale is Rick’s clear reference and support for a long time. This did that figure was replaced by Hershel, but the fact that it lasted so little, being a character loved by the public, attracted a lot of attention. For many, it deserved another ending.

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Starting from the basis for the treatment that this character hadIn terms of the comic, it was pretty unfortunate, the truth is, the moment you could really get to explore a little more, they go and kill him. To achieve in this chapter a quite soporific moment, the truth is that I do not think that the character must last all seasons of the seriesbut they should have given more background to it as that is one of the major disappointments of bringing a cartoon character to an adaptation.

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We return to resume something from the cartoon, since this character lasted almost to the end and it was quite interesting. Being part of very relevant plots and being one of the characters that had an important development with El Gobernador’s plot, the truth is that It would have been very interesting to have left her for a while longer, as it was another big fan favorite. Whether we have to prove that no one was safe or not, it seems to us a pretty bad decision on AMC’s part.

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At that time it appeared generated great interest, as its manner of arrival was full of mystery. With all that, he managed to achieve an incredible relevance to his version of the cartoon, and he became more loved by the viewers. This led to whatand it was possible to explore much more, who is going to maintain an intimate relationship with Aaron, which would make it more important. For the maximum point of popularity and affection on the part of the public and whatever else could be exploited, they killed himsomething they should have taken advantage of more.

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This character thing is pretty painful, honestly. was the cause of Carl Grimes’ death, a death that, while simple, had a major impact on Rick’s development and may even be justified. After losing such an interesting character to save Siddiq, the fact that he wasn’t center stage and that when you can give him some background Because of his relationship with Rosita and the fact that he had a son, they kill him out of the blue… The truth is, it’s another one of the cases similar to the ones on this list.

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Of all the deaths in The Walking Dead, which has given you the most grief?

We know that there are more deaths, even of perhaps less relevant characters and that they could have been something else in the series, but we left 5 that we think really should have lasted more, because of what they have left after their death or how little development they were as characters. Things as they are, this is definitely to everyone’s taste and for each one there will be some more justified than others, but here we have left our opinion.

There is no doubt that The Walking Dead series He has left us with the most devastating moments and it has made a large number of audiences cry. From the web, we will report and take advantage of the fact that the series has already reached its end, so we comment which deaths affected you and they gave you more grief than the entire series. Let’s remember that in the comic it was all very similar toobut still the characters seemed to be given more affection.

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