The Last of Us - Henry - Sam

4 vital facts to know about the importance of Henry and Sam in The Last Of Us

Who are the brothers who appear at the end of episode 4 of The Last of Us? We explain the importance of these two characters

Who are these two brothers hiding in the city?

Episode 4 of ‘The last of us‘ ended in style with the addition of these two new characters who are going to be vital in the series’ future HBO Max. This big one cliffhanger has left many viewers with the same question this article begins with.

Let’s answer this question for fans of this hit series. So they are prepared for what may come in this adaptation of the famous video game. But for those who don’t know the saga or haven’t made it to this episode, remember that from here on out, there are all spoilers for ‘The last of us’. Clear message, here we go.

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4 facts about Henry and Sam from The Last of Us

Henry and Sam are brothers in the video game, although the series doesn’t mention it

In the original video game on which the series is based, Sam and his younger brother, Henry, are brothers. Both are survivors of the town of Harford. They both hope they can find shelter and food as they have been left without since they were separated from a larger group of refugees.

As they both sneak up on Joel and Ellie, some hints have already been given about their relationship. One of these clues is the drawing representing Sam and Henry as superheroes, found by Kathleen in the zulo they use as a refuge. Logic leads us to believe that Sam draws this as he idolizes his brother and his imagination makes him see himself as a superhero next to him.

The series doesn’t say that at any point, but there is evidence of it, and their physical similarities between the two actors indicate that there is a real and physical connection. Henry is played by the actor Lamar Johnsonand the character Sam is brought to life by the very young actor Keivonn Woodard.

The Last of Us - Henry - Sam

Kathleen blames Henry for her brother’s fate

If you were wondering why Kathleen’s obsession with finding Henry is because she makes him directly responsible for his brother’s death. As he accuses him of passing on information to FREDA that later caused his death at his hands.

Although the doctor with whom the first conversation that leads us to this takes place tells her that Henry is not responsible, she ignores it as she is completely convinced of his guilt.

It’s a revenge gesture. He is looking for him because he wants to avenge his brother’s death. This circumstance makes it clear that between Henry, FREDA, Los Cazadores and Kathleen there are connections that take us further back in time.

The Last of Us - Henry - Sam

Henry and Sam are not the same as their versions in the video game.

Those who have played the game know these two characters well and their importance. They are introduced in episodes 4 and 5 of the video game, and it is Joel and Ellie who encounter them on the outskirts of the city of Pittsburgh, which in the series has been replaced by Kansas City.

As we have told you before, both are survivors of a larger group of refugees who are attacked by the hunters. His role in the video game is more similar to that of the main couple, on the other hand, it is not like that in the series. In the HBO Max adaptation, there is a strange and mysterious connection between them, or at least Henry’s, with FREDA and the Hunters.

Early in the game, Henry attacks Joel, mistaking him for one of the hunters, and after a brief, typical fight, both realize that they are not really enemies. From that moment it is decided to form an alliance to escape together from the hunters. But this story does not have a happy ending.

We assume the series will reflect that as well, unless they take such a big license, but it’s a tragic moment. Sam is bitten in the leg by an infected while fleeing PittsBurgh. This fact is kept a secret in the story, including from the players, until eventually it is Sam who attacks Ellie due to the infection.

Joel tries to defend her and attacks Sam, willing to finish him off, but Henry stops him in time, only to be the one to end his brother’s life. He then turns to Joel and says, “This is all your fault,” before using the gun he was holding to end his own life. This is the abrupt and devastating end of the video game for both of them.

The Last of Us - Henry - Sam

What does the addition of these two characters mean for The Last of Us?

Why are Henry and Sam so important? His arrival at the end of episode 4 tells us that the next one will tell us a lot more about the two. The emotional relationship that develops between Ellie and these two young people has a great effect on the young woman. Some bonds of friendship have been established which will make the loss of both that much more difficult.

For Ellie it will be a great rock to carry, another rock in her packed backpack. The guilt of your immunity will be very expensive. The presence of these two brothers, already in episode 4, allows us as viewers to sense that the series is going to explore other characters that appear in the video game in more depth. Together with them, we get to know the Hunters and Kathleen in more detail.

But most important of all will be to discover how the series will deal with the history of both.

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