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4 live action anime adaptations coming in 2023 or later

Have you seen Alice in Wonderland and did you like it? In 2023, you will have other anime adaptations that promise a lot

With the premiere on Alice in the borderland season 2 demand has skyrocketed live action anime adaptations which we have had in recent years, such as Rurouni Kenshin or 20th Century Boys. With the spread of this type of live action, we would like to remind you of some of them announcements planned for the year 2023 or a little longer. Remember that all dates are provisional and may be delayed.

One piece

Of course you have to start with this anime adaptation based on manga by Eiichiro Oda It’s every fan’s dream. We already have the cast and it promises a lot, although with these types of adaptations we already know until we see it we can’t guarantee it will be a good product. Netflix will be in charge to do such a titanic job of adapting such a comprehensive work, We’ll see if they don’t cancel it after the first season. At the moment we know it will consist of 10 chapters and that it should be published in 2023.

Knights of the Zodiac

Another of the big announcements is Saint Seiya adaptation. The franchise has gone off the rails on many occasions in terms of audiovisual projects, but it looks like this time is the good one… let’s wait. The Witcher Producer will be responsible for bringing the Knights of the Zodiac to life in this adaptation that coming to the cinema. Apparently in the little trailer, the budget is big and they wanted to bring together Japanese actors with Americans, as well as a starting story similar to the manga’s.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Otr anime preparing Netflix about one of the most popular shonens of its time. As with One Piece, Netflix will appeal to nostalgia and see if this works. We know that the series will premiere in December 2023, but little else, we have some posters and main casting with the 4 main characters.


We end with another of the classic anime, Gundam. the wicks However, they will be the main characters of the series, which Netflix will also adapt it is possible that it goes to 2024 due to the dates being considered for its production, in the summer of 2023. The good news is that the screenplay will be by Brian K. Vaughan, the author of comics like Saga, Y: The Last Man or Ex Machina among others. The question is which story from the vast universe they will adapt, but rumors suggest that it will be a story called Hathaway.

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