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1899 cancelled! Netflix is ​​leaving the sci-fi series with just one season

Netflix continues its trend of canceling popular shows, the latest victim being 1899

Netflix has canceled the sci-fi series 1899 after just one season. The program is made by Jantje Friese y Baran live in Odarwho were also the minds behind the popular Netflix series, Dark. 1899 focuses on the ship’s crew and passengers Kerberos and the dark secrets that connect their journey to the lost ship Prometheus.

1899 co-creator Baran bo Odar announced it on Instagram Netflix decided not to move forward with a second season for the show.. Bo revealed the news with a statement written by him and Jantje. In addition, he explained it the original plan was for 1899 to tell its twists and turns over three seasons, like Netflix’s Dark. The statement ends with a thank you to the fans.

Follow Netflix’s latest trend of canceling popular shows. Subscribers have taken to social media several times in recent years to ask Netflix to reconsider canceling some projects. On the other hand, the series was then accused of plagiarism by the Brazilian illustrator Mary Cagnein: “I’m in shock. I just found out that the series is identical to my comic Black silence published in 2016.”

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